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I have been running the HSGI non slip padded belt for a few years now and love it.

The larger first aid pouch alows me to rum my FT-60 in it for comms as well as the blowout kit. I run more mags than most But the thought of running out of bullets just scares the shit out of me! While running OPFOR at DARC I have ran dry way to many times and just could not imagine if that would happen for real.

In the 3rd pic the multi cam drop pouch is just a temp thing I add when I OPFOR to fill with extra mags Told you I don't like to run out! Breaks my heart if I miss a chance to share some love!


What kind of load is that fusible with and do you need to run suspenders? I thought about switching to a H150 and running Crye Smart pouches.

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I find that unless concealment or plainclothes work is making me wear gear threaded directly to the belt on my pants, I prefer an equipment belt of some sort. For me, gear that I wear on the belt rides too tight to the body or too high and I have a harder time getting to reloads on my left while wearing my PC because of the items I have mounted on it. I'll get a picture when I can, but as an LEO I run a couple different setups that fit in the warbelt category. The first is my daily wear duty belt, and I try and duplicate the placement of items that would be in common such as holsters, reloads, etc on the tac-belt that I also wear or even when threading them for pants use. I'll get a picture on here and edit this shortly.

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501scout- with a good belt you can load up the belt pretty good, I have a small SSE bag (THAT I NEVER USE), 5 flashbangs, 1 frag, pistol holster, charge bag on a belt hanger, handcuffs in a pouch, and a tomohawk. I will run suspenders sometimes but not always. I have also worn my blow out kit on my belt if my plates are slick. I run London Bridge trading riggers belt or Arcteryx H150.

Chad, you are a cop. Simply put your gear does not need to be as light as mine. That doesn't mean that you should have so much bulky shit that your belt kit catches on a fence that you are vaulting whilst chasing a low information voter who's only kit issues are their pants sagging around their ass.

I on the other hand routinely go places without a pistol reload because I can't afford the weight. I have won gun fights with less than three rounds remaining in my last functioning firearm and no reloads on my person. I work in areas where brutal choices must be made about weight reduction. In those places, a rigid duty or padded molle rig are ounces of weight that I simply don't have capacity for.

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Roland, I agree, there are different reasons for what you do versus what I do. I wasn't criticizing it, just commenting along with Bourneshooter's comment that he was doing that more often as well, and I know he does it for LE based work as well. I would prefer to thread it directly to my belt as you do. I fit in vehicles better that way. It is more stable sometimes and it also means I'm not as wide, which means I'm not hooking or banging on stuff inside the structure.
That's why I wear a mini duty belt off duty, similar concept as a war belt but way more low profile. It also works with the preloaded pants game, my off duty belt combo is 1.5". The other advantage is that belt loops do not get in the way of gear placement and if I need to scale to a different load out its much quicker. Here is an older pictutre with out my current load out. I run the belt with a my G17 x300u, two 17 mags, and my Watson HiTs knife as a regular base currently.

Here is my current set up.
Tyr Gunfighter Belt
2- Double BFG Ten speed pistols
LBT Blow out with TQ shock corded to the top.
BFG Pistol pouch for Gerber/Leatherman
Safrailand 6378USN for Glock19 with surefire X

This works well for me. I don't always run 4 pistol Mags, so when empty the BFG ten speeds, disappear. The other perk of the 10 speeds and QLS on the sfariland, is that I can swap out holsters and magazines for whatever platform I want without having a dedicated rig for each. Kydex mag holders are to bulky for my taste. The LBT is Large enough to carry a normal blowout kit minus a TQ, it sits in the small of my back and not noticed when sitting in a vehicle. I also prefer to only have to go to a certain spot for Primary magazines, i.e Plate Carrier. Everything on the belt I consider last resort.


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I'm using this as my first line. I can remove the holster and mag pouch if using a heavy turtle vest that blocks my belt anyways. I put the blaster on the vest in a dropped Safariland in those occasions.

Also a good excuse to show off the fancy Winkler

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Mine is on the UBL still on the belt, while the ATS sleeve rides over it. There is too much play in MOLLE/PALS for me and a holster, plus then it will ride much too high for me. If you're trying to raise it up, go with the shorter UBL. You can ditch the strap then if you'd like.


I've been using the DSG competition gun belt for about three years. The quality is absolute rubbish (I think I've had three of the under-belts in that time) but it fits my needs. One of my co-workers is sporting the Ronin Tactics belt but I can't support them in good conscience given "their" plate hanger and med pouch..

Old picture but this is still the general load-out

TQ-Pistol-Small med pouch (2x combat gauze, NPA, chest seal) - Rifle mag - 2x pistol mag - Frag - small fixed blade
Finally got mine all figured out. This is strictly a class rig so I won't have to run back to the line all of the time.

Crye MRB - I like the concept, just not a fan of their execution IMO. The single column of MOLLE up front is annoying. Eventually I'll swap the outer belt for a Cobra.
From right to left
First Spear Speed Reload pistol - basically the Eagle FB pouches. Got this on sale for half price. Still prefer the Tacos (aside from the install) because I would be able to switch between my .45 and my 9mm.
2x ESSTAC KYWI M4 mag pouches - shortys. These took a bit to break in, but they're miles ahead of those S&S precision SMR pouches. I couldn't get rid of those fast enough.
EGL loppy - I mainly use this for a water bottle or a notebook...or both
Dark Angel DARK lite - I'm considering switching back to the full size DARK so I can fit shears and cover the TQ.
Safariland MLS system with ALS. I really like this system for it's ease of use. It places the holster at the perfect height for me and replicates my normal carry position. I couldn't be happier.
HSGI Taco for the Multitasker. I've needed a multitool in the past multiple times and never had one on my person. I was given this MT years ago and finally found a good way to carry it.

If I ever get armor I'll strip this down or might not even use it and just run everything on the riggers belt. But so far I dig it and it solves the problem I had with a normal battle belt - it doesn't slip down.

First Spear AGB with with Low Profile Padded 6/12 AGB Sleeve. 2x HSGI Pistol Tacos and 2x HSGI Rifle Tacos, I also recently added a Tactical Tailor roll up dump pouch. Holster is a Safariland 7TS. This is my first belt setup I've ran and I really like it thus far.

The padding is very nice and the Velcro is great when used in conjunction with the base belt as it eliminates belt shifting. The low profile of the AGB sleeve keeps it... low profile. I also like the idea of a second line belt to compliment a vest.

Use is currently 2 Gun competition, training and general preparedness.

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