Snakeoil! What tactical products are sold as something they are not?

@Chris Sizelove I've used 10 of them and they have failed to impress in realistic environments. Anything flammable in the immediate area will be on fire especially what’s below it.
I admit it does work on cheep locks and chains but manual means are much faster. And I don’t have to worry about where I’m disposing an unstoppable chemical reaction.

Im sure with your credentials you could reach out and they would send you some to test.
We’ve tried it on window bars and it couldn’t get through one.
These are just my observations and as usual second opinions are always a good thing.
Blood type patches in the US. Very few emergency services can run blood in the field as part of protocol and no one in their right mind is going to care about your velcro bling. I've seen interfacility transfers run blood on a physician's orders going from one hospital to another, by which time the patient's blood has been tested. A few air ambulances are carrying O type blood (Rh factor is... complicated) so as to provide blood without testing. In sum, advertising your blood type does you no good in civilian medicine. Military medicine is a different work entirely, so my above comments do not apply in that context.

Fraudulent tourniquets (RATS & SWAT-T) were mentioned earlier. I make a point of not doing business with anyone who sells them.

Way way back in the day we used to use pneumatic pants, or Military AntiShock Trousers (MAST) in an attempt to squeeze blood from the legs to the torso. This did not work, yet they still have their proponents and can occasionally be found on ambulances.
Lucas Oil Extreme Duty gun grease is snake oil. Not because it is bad, I love it., but because it is their marine grease rebranded at 10 times the cost. I use the marine grease in tubes from Lowes Home improvement on the shiny bits of firearms liberally. It works great. I have a Sig legion P229 (which people always complain about the older finish wearing off) which has about 15K rounds through it and it looks completetly different to the pictures i have seen online of guns with much lower round counts. I have a Canik SF with many more rounds through it than the Legion that is beat to hell on the outside but inside is in great shape.