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Snakeoil! What tactical products are sold as something they are not?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Riafdnal, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Harv

    Harv Newbie

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  2. Matt0311

    Matt0311 Member

    RATS "tourniquets", SWAT-Ts.
  3. Chris Kenney

    Chris Kenney Newbie

    Mag well grips, because, they simply do not improve handling at all and only add weight and clumsiness to the magwell.
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  4. Rick4673

    Rick4673 Amateur

    I like mine. I find it comfortable, concealable, and to fit the gun/light/mag combo well. I have not had it long enough to assess durability.
  5. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    What do you compare it to within your experience?
  6. Rick4673

    Rick4673 Amateur

    Raw Dog Tactical - This one is a Kydex/leather hybrid and is my least favorite. I found the cut/ride interfered with acquiring a grip, and the edge construction uncomfortable. Carried a slick G19 in this.

    Vedder Light Tuck - I like these a lot, but alas, no lights. Slick G19

    T-Rex Arms Raptor for WML - I like this one fine, but no provision for a mag. G19 w/APL, and my Roland, provided I put the APL on it.

    Side-car: Almost as comfy as the Vedder, I like the way it spreads out the pressure, but mainly I find I get faster, more consistent reloads from this set up than other methods of carrying a reload, so that puts it over the top for me. Carrying a G19 w/XC-1 in this one.
  7. DoKnowHarm

    DoKnowHarm Newbie

    XS big (or standard) dot sights for pistol.

    They are expensive, no faster than notch and post sights and the Huge front sight damn near covers an entire chest of an adult at 25 yards.

    I had them for a few months and never noticed any difference in speed or ease of
    acquiring a sight picture. The general design principal of them is as an "express" style sight used on old big game rifles. The advantage of that design being they are excellent at close range. A few instructors such as Aaron Cowan do a demo in class where they show the distance that can be accurately shot with no sights at all (not condoning unsighted fire). So why would I have a set of sights that Excell in close range work when theoretically speaking I wouldn't need sights in that range (again I always use sights). It just makes no sense to me why a sight system would be designed for a range where any pistol sights would be fine but suck at further distance.

    I have not tried then but apparently the big dot is great for shotgun's.
  8. Nathan Burns

    Nathan Burns Newbie

    Man, I agree with you. They work for some people; I'm not one of them.

    With that being said, I was in an MDFI "You Suck It's Not The Gun" class a couple months back and there was a guy on the line next to me running a p320 with big dots. He managed to fill up a nickel-sized hole with them, and was ringing some shots out past 50 yards on 10" steel with them. Guess it's different strokes for different folks. I'm just not one of those folks.
  9. DoKnowHarm

    DoKnowHarm Newbie

    Good fundimentals are always king. I would not be surprised if a good set of notch and post sights made it even easier for him. It would be awesome to see his B-8 scores with XS and with notch and post. I do find it funny that Trek always asks if somebody has XS sights when he teaches that class though. For obvious reasons it seems
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