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Safariland Holster Mods (RDS/X300U/ETC... rolling updates)

Discussion in 'Handguns, Holsters, & Related Equipment' started by Ephraim R., Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    I did an unboxing of a Safariland 6360 RDS.

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  2. Corey Barnes

    Corey Barnes Newbie

    Has anyone tried changing the color of the cordura wrap on a 6354do? I have a lead on a used one but it comes in multicam and I need black.
  3. Boy Scout

    Boy Scout Member

    I've RIT dyed plenty of gear, some has turned out okay, some has been great, others turned out cool for what it ended up being, color not mattering. I've not had good luck with cordura, in this case I'd say that krylon would probably be your best best. Strangely enough it comes out looking pretty good.
  4. s0nspark

    s0nspark Newbie

    Ok, I have been monkeying with this off and on for a while and I guess I've reached my limits... :) FYI: I am modding a recent 6354DO for a G34 + X300 for a CZ P-07 + RM07 + X300U-B + DG Switch + Primary Machine Stealth Comp

    I worked in enough clearance for the DG switch but my (recent mfg) holster has the following issues:

    1. VERY tight fit - the X300 *seems* to catch on the edges of the internal material and a lot of force is needed to insert/remove the gun once past that
    2. the ALS does not lock - maybe I do not have enough clearance?

    I was under the impression that newer versions of this holster supported a rear sight in the standard position behind the RMR (closer to the shooter's eye) and that the X300U-B was supported. Am I wrong? At this point the P-07 is the only gun I care to support in this holster so I am not really worried about applying some extreme effort to mod it but I am at the limits of what I know to do...

    Any help appreciated!

    MOLON_LABE Regular Member

    Try chalking the gun up and seeing where it is hanging up.

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  6. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    Things to check if it isn't locking- 1. Where is the ALS lever hitting on the ejection port (while you are figuring that out, is the ejection port on the P07 the same shape as a Glock?)
    2. Is the length with the comp the same as a G34?
    3. Are you sure your holster is "new "stock and not old stock? if it's old you might have to do some trimming on the ALS bar as well as the sight bump out. See the photos above for those areas to clearance
    4. The B model U boat shouldn't be an issue. I think it is actually an RCH slimmer that the original Uboats due it being a singe screw instead of dual levers.
    5. Did you looses the tension nut on the back of the holster? If not, loosen it until the gun drops in freely, then adjust until you like the level of tension on the gun.

    If all of that fails to solve your issues, I recommend drinking heavily and using a heat gun. As an instructor at a school once told me, "there is nothing that ignorance and brute force can't fix". :cool:
  7. Arete

    Arete Member

    I have modded several dozen 6360 holsters to fit the Streamlight Contour switch and the Surefire DG. I use a dremel with a large sanding wheel. Results have been good. Go slow, check often.
  8. s0nspark

    s0nspark Newbie

    Thanks for the tips! I already found that I did not work in quite enough clearance for the DG switch so that is one area to work on and I suspect I have old stock and will need to trim the ALS bar a bit.
  9. Arete

    Arete Member

    Clarification - I remove material in the area that the Contour and DG switches occupy in the holster, not the ALS mechanism.

    I've not yet done any mods to accommodate a RDS.
  10. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles

    Just bought a 6354 DO from HolsterOps. My G19 with X300U and RMR in front of the rear sight does not lock. I figured by now that they'd all be the newer models. Is there any way to verify before I start hacking?
    For what it's worth, it look's like the RMR housing is hitting the holster under the hood. If I push on the grip, the slid comes out of battery a little bit (it IS a 19, though). I suppose something else entirely is going on, or I have to take off a bit of holster body in order to get clearance for the optic and the slide can go deeper into the holster. Does that sound right?
  11. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    That sounds about right. Also check the height of the locking bar. The gun might actually be in the correct spot and just not locking in due to the ALS bar not fitting.
  12. Cody m

    Cody m Newbie

    Just received my 6354DO and my Unity tactical slide won't even fit thru the locking lug on the holster. Has anyone else ran into this?

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  13. Cody m

    Cody m Newbie

    Did you ever get an answer? Mine does the same thing, but with a Unity slide

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  14. TXLEO

    TXLEO Member

    I just put electrical tape on the right side. Ghetto but it works. No one from Agency or Aaron Cowan has seen the issue

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  15. Txsapper

    Txsapper Newbie

    I reached out to Safariland via Holsterops asking about holsters for the ATOM slide.

    Tom wrote me back and told me this - The 6354DO would require significant modification to work with that set Atom slide. I run a similar top in on one of My glock 17's and the mods to the holster are pretty heavy. The 6384RDS is the replacement for the old 6354DO and should work without any mods. It is available in BLK, FDE, ODG

    Hope this helps.
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  16. Boy Scout

    Boy Scout Member

    A new issue for me, albeit not as one as cool as the RMR slide issues:

    Has anyone modded a Safariland holster to fit a G17 with a TLR-2? I modded an old duty holster into what is now basically the 6377 (ALS only, no hood, high belt mount) and it is an extremely comfortable holster, but I have a TLR-2 now and want the same thing for it. I guess I've mutilated that one enough that I could go to town on it with a dremel and put a kydex cowling on it but I'd rather not at this time.

    What kind of holsters are out there for duty work (besides the 6280, which I currently use) for that combo?

    What I've found:

    Safariland 6280 & variants
    G-Code SOC
    Blackhawk EPOCH
  17. SoTex

    SoTex Amateur

    Anybody mod a 6354DO for a X400U or TLR2? I hear rumors but I can't find anything to confirm. Seems like it would compromise the holster too much.

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