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Safariland Holster Mods (RDS/X300U/ETC... rolling updates)

Discussion in 'Handguns, Holsters, & Related Equipment' started by Ephraim R., Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Ephraim R.

    Ephraim R. Moderator Moderator

    Ive seen this topic get asked and shown over and over on the BookFace page. I wanted to start this to have a library of the mods that can and have been done to make something work or to help out.

    RMR and the 6354DO and similar holsters. If you have your BUIS behind the RMR, then your holster will not lock in the pistol. Modification is needed. You must cut/shave down the ALS insert as seen below.


    You can cut it slightly differently, but I have found this level cut works best to not mess with the rest of the ALS.

    Surefire X300U. Some older holsters dont have the depth to accept the longer bezel length of the U-boat. A few ways to skin that cat; Mold your own piece and epoxy it in, pop out the original piece and epoxy it in on the outside lip, or take it out all together and risk an exposed light...


    There are other ways to do these mods and I am sure others will post. Please feel free to post your mods in this thread as well. It will help others looking.

    I will update with further mods soon.

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  2. Colton miller

    Colton miller Newbie

    Thanks Ephraim much appreciated
  3. Grayman

    Grayman Regular Member

    Anyone have pictures of the mods for a SLS holster with an RMR?

    Are you guys doing anything to secure the interior suede after you make cuts on the holster or does it stay pretty well attached even without the stitching?
  4. Dr. No

    Dr. No Regular Member

    Uboat mod - pop the protective cover out and flip it over. Take a file to the lip that needs to sit deeper in the holster in order for the cover to lock in. The uboat will fit just fine at that point.
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  5. Gabriel

    Gabriel Newbie

    Looking to pick up a 6354DO. This will be for a few (3-4) Run'n'guns a year and I hope to increase my training budget before the end of the year and start a hitting a regular amount of classes.

    Currently have:
    G19 G4, not cut for RMR
    Gemtech TB
    Trijicon RM07, adj. 6.5moa
    Streamlight TLR-1HL

    Safariland shows availability on the 6355DO for a G19 with the TLR-1 but not for the Surefire X300u. Planning on calling them and seeing what they can tell me but was curious if anyone can lend their expertise.

    Does anyone have this holster for a G19 with RMR in front or behind of the suppressor sights and with a u-boat? Same setup with a threaded barrel? Sounds like at the very least I am going to need to have the slide milled for the RMR and have the sight cut placed in front of the RMR on the slide or else make the modification shown above, right? Think going with the G17 version will allow the threaded barrel to work? I got the TLR-1 for damn near free but after some light reading I am leaning towards making the jump to the u-boat but as stated above, Safariland doesn't show they make it for the x300u.

    Thanks for any input.
  6. Dr. No

    Dr. No Regular Member

    Fits the DO just fine. For the 19 w/an extended barrel, probably just need to get the 34 holster.
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  7. 03humpalot

    03humpalot Moderator Moderator Vendor

    Unity Tactical T-1 tired of dremeling the piss out of it so i took the woodburning kit to it. Looks like crap, works like a champ.

  8. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    I've done the RMR mod to the holster. Excellent write up btw. Hardest part was getting the insert back into the holster shell. So on the topic of on going mods, has anyone figured out how to add an ALS thumbguard to the holster to at least make it a level 2 for patrol use?
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  9. Blevin Davis

    Blevin Davis Newbie

    Does anyone know if Safariland will sell you just a black STX finish without the cordura?
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  10. AresGear_Jake

    AresGear_Jake Stiffer Is Better Moderator Vendor

    If you're going for black, I know they'll sell you a black Cordura one.

    - Jake
  11. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    The black cordura has grown on me. It matches the nylon pouches on my gear better than the STX finish. Now to convince the bosses to let me use it on duty.

    Also, I'm waiting on getting a spare holster back from a buddy so I can try to mod the ALS thumb guard to fit. It looks like a minute or so with a grinder to remove a ridge and it all should line up.
  12. TXLEO

    TXLEO Member

    Anyone have issues with a gun having forward serrations and the serrations chewing up the lock bar on the 6354do? My Agency Arms 17 eats it up with tlr1 or x300 onboard. I've worn through 2 to the point retention os compromised. Looking for a solution so I'm not stuck with a SLS holster to going to another brand like Off The Grid. Thanks
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  13. Ben H

    Ben H Amateur

    Not sure if you ever found one, but if you did, please let me know. Looking for the same.
  14. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    Co worker still has my spare holster, so I think I'm just going to dig deep into my couch cushions and scrounge up the $15 to buy a new one. I should probably have it in a few weeks, then we will all find out I guess.
  15. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    Probably just the holster for a G17.

    Reference the Streamlight TLR series. They are kinda corn fed farm girls. The U boat is much slimmer, and should have no trouble fitting into a holster designed for the TLR's.
  16. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    My "B" model U-boat will fit with no issues in my ALS only holster; the main difference is the U-boat is longer by quite a bit. For the record my holster is a 6390 (open top model) for a G22 with a TLR1. The holster will even fit a streamlight switch. Not sure about the surefire switch though.
  17. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    Now for another update on the rolling mods to the holster. I finally got the ALS guard and a few minutes to screw around with it.

    I started where the hex key is pointing. That's the high spot that needs removed. Grab your weapons of choice, and it takes 2-3 minutes to get rid of it.

    Next step is test fitting. In my case, I also had to clearance the top left bolt hole on the holster to get things to l9ne up smoothly. I'm guessing by the minor amount I had to clearance that it may vary holster to holster.

    In my case, I'm running the holster on a paddle, so I slapped the paddle back on top of the ALS guard, finger tightened the screws, and then slid the ALS guard towards the front of the holster so there was no binding and everything moved freely. After that, all got tightened down and it's ready for use.

    You may have to get creative with the use of a flat washer or two as a spacer if you aren't running a paddle due to how the backer mounts. Hope this helps, and if anyone wants some extra pics, let me know what parts or areas and I will post them up.
  18. NickDrak

    NickDrak Amateur

    Can someone advise on the best way to remove the ALS device from the inside of the holster without breaking it or the holster?
  19. AresGear_Jake

    AresGear_Jake Stiffer Is Better Moderator Vendor

    Take all the screws out of the holster. All of them. Mounting plate screws, tension adjustment screw, the screw down by your muzzle, and the two screws holding that plate on the outside.

    Now "unpeel" your holster slightly, just so the kydex pops off the mounting threaded inserts.

    The ALS piece is held into the holster by two cylindrical extensions that sit in holes in the kydex. Push on the one in the BODY side of your holster to pop the ALS piece crooked and twist it free. The one that points away from your body is too long; don't mess with that one.

    - Jake
  20. 2501

    2501 Newbie

    Just a head's up, the T1 mod does not work with a lefty holster! After seeing a few people do this mod, I tried it before stopping to think that the brightness knob will interfere with the ALS button.
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