Preferred Sling?


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The padded VCAS, while comfortable, is not a great shooting sling IME - too bulky. I transitioned to the Redback One sling a few years ago and continue to be pleased with it. I do have a padded VCAS on my work gun though. I’m in big army and don’t do anything cool so I spend a lot of time wearing my work gun, with very little time shooting it. It excels in that role.

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VTAC non padded has served me well for nearly a decade. finally bought the padded and its lovely as well. the Magpul MS1 has been pretty solid too, but is not for wrapping around hands and arms to brace as easy as the VTAC.

Will Petty's sling is cool, had it for a month and passed it to a friend who is inside a vehicle all day everyday. Decent sling but just prefer the VTAC overall.
VCAS on AR’s here. My bolt gun has the Magpul Rifleman sling as it’s mostly just an easy way to hang the gun while stumbling out to check targets. It’s pretty much just a modern web material take on the parade sling.
Non-padded VCAS here as well. The ability to quickly adjust length has come in handy, and I don't have to hump my rifle around long enough to need the padding.
It's a toss up between the ESG sling and the Ferro Concepts slingster on my patrol rifles. Both have superior sliders to everything else I have tried.


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BDS tactical semi padded two point sling (dual sling). Cant vouch for the durability of their other gear, or the ethicacy of the brand leadership (gear is supposedly semi flimsy according to my RTO, and the ownership has serious shade on other forums)

This sling is a simple and easy to adjust for OAL and from full to short. Will use it till it breaks, then going to try a proctor sling.

USMC is all on the Vickers sling via BFG... great sling but with out a specific attachment piece, it is not soo great on fixed M16A2 buttstocks but still functional, i understand it was for adjustable buttstocks so not a real concern. Would use again with no hesitation.