Preferred Sling?

I was just reminded of how shitty those single point loop bungie slings are. I was at work a little late writing a report and heard a call for two men, one firing a rifle at a house. I run out into the garage and hop in with a buddy who hands me his rifle while he drove. Naturally it's a couple kids with a BB gun who we end up half assed chasing. But it reminded me how bad those slings suck. I just ordered him a VTAC from Brownells.
I've used a couple different slings, the VTACs, both padded and unpadded, the Magpul line, and the BFGs.... i have to say, the BFG slings are the best built slings ive ever used, they are incredibly solid, and super stupid easy to adjust...


Blue Line Sheepdog
One thing that has come up to me based on using one on my issued rifles lately, is simplicity. The VTAC sling has all sorts of webbing and tails running all over the place. If I'm running the sling tight enough to create tension for support (running a .30Hate gun for example), when I go to reload a 308 PMAG, that webbing gets caught up in the reload. Also, the new VTAC setups have a great update - the pull tab is a rubber coated tab instead of the old double webbing or whatever it was. Much easier to manipulate.

Haven't had that issue with a VCAS, Sierra Tac, Magpul MS1, or the new SOB U loop sling. Might not be an issue with a 5.56 gun as you probably don't need the sling for tension that much, but something to consider.
I've used the BFG VCAS for awhile now and found them to be my favorite. Although having talked with other guys from department they seem to like VTACs, SOBs, and Magpuls too. I think it really boils down to personal preference. All of those slings are well-made, have practical features and work as they were intended. My personal preference is I like the VCAS due to the wider 1.25" webbing, easy to grab adjustment tab and well it's made in the US. I initially had tried a MS sling, but found the webbing was like a seat belt (too slick for me). Their line of slings have cool built-in features (QD adapters, 2point to 1point, etc), but like I said I prefer the VCAS. I wouldn't say it's the only sling to get obviously since I pointed out there are many great options, but for me I like being consistent for having the same sling going to a rifle or shotgun.
Not mentioned yet as we are a foreign manufacturer and still very unknown in the U.S. Although people on this forum may know me from working at Ase Utra sound suppressors, which is my primary occupation still.

Here is another alternative that has not been mentioned, the Recon sling from 3HGR:

- Quality materials with IR protection
- Does not absorb water in the same way as slings that utilize cotton in the sling material. So very good feature from the arctic to the jungles.
- Relatively inexpensive for the quality

Great sling overall, even compared to the BFG VCAS slings, which I have personally used for many years.

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Tuukka ( co-owner at 3HGR )

I am old enough I've done issue carry straps, three point slings, and even briefly the one point craze. My favorite one-point failure was literally dumping the gun because the hook let go while running across a room (in FOF, not real world) with a breaching tool in hand. Almost tripped over the gun as it fell.

Except for the precision rifle, or semi-collectible range guns with their period correct slings, always unpadded VCAS modded to have 1.25" SRs on both ends. I sew my own adapters for the guns and stick them to fixed loops (no swivels!). Like this:

Mesa shotgun loop bolted to the Alpha rail

Adapter on loop, clipped to front of the sling via the SR

2019-03-12 14.01.21.jpg
Rear adapter threaded through CTR stock.

Good view of the whole set up on the SBR, which does not wear the weird MARS these days, no.

Same setup on a 500 I no longer own (updated to a 590A1 plus who uses shotguns these days? :)

2018-11-28 09.32.46-tweak.jpg
These slings in this setup gives me enough adjustment range just to tighten it up across my chest pretty well or loosen enough to shoot when looped over even while wearing a ruck.

I gather you can buy them pretty much this way now, with clips on both ends, but not when I set up my stuff.
I'm a VCAS guy, I like the fact that it does not have a running tail when retention is tightened. I prefer the padded variety.

I don't have anything new to add except passing a few items that have made me successful.

1) I use Magpul brand QD swivels due to the anti-rust coating. They are the best for some reason in my mind in regards to the coating resisting corrosion which can lead to a failure. These are also found in most MCX gun/tactical accessory areas. Easy to stock up, replace suspect/unknowns as they rust.

2) Thanks to Uncle Chuck, I have paint penned lines for quick reference when adding tension. This is something from KD ranges, but is helpful when getting into a position and adding sling tension. Red for standing, Blue for kneeling, Green for prone....whatever you decide.

3) As for Rifle accessories. Depending on if a rail has built in QDs, I'll add one closer to the receiver for "CQB/close in" and one at the far end for "LR/Patrolling". With the QD button swivels, its very easy to transition on the fly from either position. The rear of the sling is affixed with a QD to the opposite side of the stock to keep the sling out of my shoulder pocket.
I started with just basic two point slings. A friend of mine started a small gear company while he was in the Army, and made an excellent version of the VTAC sling. I ran those for a while. I acquired two of the MS3 slings while taking a Magpul rifle class. The loop was kind of awkward and not easy to manipulate. I liked it's attachment points, but not it's adjustment. Recently I bought one of the MS1 slings. I absolutely love this thing! Easy to manipulate, easy to put on and easily adjustable to different lengths. I have replaced all of my slings with the MS1.