Preferred Sling?


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What sling do you guys prefer (and for what kind of gun)? I've used the SOB, VTAC, BFG/Vickers, Magpul (MS2, MS3), and padded variants of most of these; now I use the SOB on carbines, the padded BFG on shotguns, and the rest when/if I forget my preferred slings.

- Jake
Old school nonpadded VTAC is my preference. I have a number of WOTG slings around and I like them too, but the webbing is too flimsy and I find I get hung up in the loop at the front of the gun during reloads and whatnot. I have a padded VTAC on my SPR-ish gun.
Been using the same padded VCAS for 4 years now on M4s and my AR. Afghanistan, drill weekends, personal shooting. Still going strong. Wouldn't mind trying something else, but don't really have a need since the VCAS is still working well.


Padded VTAC and VCAS on all of my ARs. I still prefer a single point on gauges, I have an unknown name bungee sling that Awerbuck gave me a few years ago that I use for them.
I have the Proctor Sling on my AR at home, seems to be working well so far. At work, all the pool rifles have the VTAC padded 2-point on them, I really like that sling.


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I've become very partial to the VTAC w/ Bungee. Essentially the same as the Armageddon Carbine Sling. I can keep it nice and tight to the body, but be able to extend it all the way out to a full presentation of the rifle without having to mess with the adjustment.


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Simple 2 point from Gear Sector. I keep trying all these other flavors and end up going back to the simple one.


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VTAC 2 point. Looking at something new. THe WOTG or the VTAC bungee. I like the ability to keep the sling tight and still stretch it to come up on target.


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A 2 point adjustable.

BFG VCAS or Victory, unpadded as I generally wear body armor.
Magpul MS1 with dual QD's.

I wouldn't mind trying the SOB again, but I need one with a QD point on the front instead of the mash hook I originally had.

Erick Gelhaus

Carbines have padded BFG Vickers on them; 14" 870 has a BFG single point as it doesn't lend itself to another set-up; hunting rifle has padded VTac on it.
Started out with the Magpul MS2 single point with a RSA rail attachment for 2 point contact. Have since evolved to the Vickers with QR releases.