Lube! How? What? When? What environments?

I used all the normal stuff for years- Rem-Oil, Break-free, etc.

Then I learned about Slip EWL, 'round about 2007, in a class. It's worked really well for me, ever since. I live and work in what could be called a "moderately dusty" place, with temperature fluctuations from 100+ in the summers, to -20 in the winters. My personal and duty pistols, rifles, and shotguns often have a fair amount of frost or condensation on them from temp. extremes. The Slip EWL seems to hold up well to that, without leaving any nasty residue.

Slip has also often been "the cure" for malfunctioning guns in high-round count training environments. A few drops on pistol slide rails or a squirt onto rifle locking lugs, and the student's gun magically came back to life.

If I have a complaint about the stuff, it would be the nozzle of the bottles it comes in. It's too big for precise gun application and will leak in gear bags if you don't put the red shipping plug back in.
It was about ten years ago or so I was introduced to Slip lube and never looked back. Prior to this I was like you in having used the usual suspects between Hoppes, Rem-Oil, CLP, etc. I won't call them "bad", but I prefer Slip's consistency and ability to stay wet for prolonged periods. Besides doing its job as a lubricate while shooting, it makes cleaning up easier.

Right there with you. That was my biggest complaint despite not having many/any to begin with about it, and it wasn't about the product but simply the container it comes in. Last year I visited the store after having not been to it to in awhile since I buy it in bulk and just refill my original containers. Try getting these for the 1oz and 4oz bottles, need point applicator. A great improvement over the standard nozzle that just bled too much lube. Kind of like tapping gently on the ketchup bottle and getting flooded.
Thanks for the tip! I like the looks of those applicators.

I've been pouring some Slip into a foreign (probably Eastern Bloc) rifle oil container I got for $1.99 at Idaho Army Surplus Warehouse (Matt L. should be familiar with this place). It's been doing the job for pinpoint applications but I like the idea of a screw-on to the original bottles.

I clean and lube after my range sessions.

I use Slip 2000 EWL on my duty Glock 19. I just put a small drop on each of the 4 slide rails, smear a little around the barrel, a tiny bit on the top of the inside area of the slide and a small drop for the connector. It doesn’t take much to get the job done.
I just stuck with Tetra oil and grease after I started using it. I've tried a few other things but kept going back to Tetra as it seemed to run smoother. I use a lot of it, especially on rifles. Some would call it "over lubing." I just found that keeping a rifle, pistol, or machine gun wet has worked better in any environment, temperate or subtropical rainforest, desert, snow, whatever, live rounds or blanks.
For many years used CLP-Break Free, and RemOil for work.

Was given a bag full of Slip 2000 Samples at SHOT 2009 and have been using it religiously ever since.

Never messed with Fireclean or Froglube.

I always took Pat Rogers words on lube as gospel, lube and lube generously. Cleaning of weapons takes a far back seat to lubing of weapons.

Though I am obsessive about cleaning guns and am the guy who scrubs an AK and a Glock 19 during lunchbreak during an AK Class, I admit that the only reason I do it is because I am a fully indoctrinated Jarhead and I honestly cannot help myself as the voice of my TBS Platoon Commander plays a continuous loop of "Weapon. Gear. Self. Weapon. Gear. Self." in my mind. I am guilty of over cleaning guns, but I have taken to heart Pat's saying that, "If you spend more than 10 minutes cleaning a gun, you're out of your mind."

So, lube early and often. Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle. As needed. Especially during high round count classes or training sessions.
I have used the Slip 2000 stuff for the past 5 years with good success. I use EWG (grease) for my Glocks, ARs and bolt rifles. I prefer grease when time allows to minimize migration and evaporation during storage. I also keep the EWL (lube) around for times when I need something quick like putting a drop on a Glock connector during a field strip. I have never had an problem that I could trace to a lube issue with the Slip 2000 Extreme line. I have also had good experience with TW-25B (what I used before Slip) but I prefer Slip since I use their non-toxic cleaner/degreaser and it compliments their lube so well.
slip 2000 and ballistol at the moment, ill use anything thats available though. used frog lube for a short while but felt like it was just rubbing off the high friction areas and collecting/ congealing in every deep dark corner of my rifles and pistols. other than that i have no negative experiences with any other lube so im not picky.

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I took the good word of Pat Rogers years and years ago about trying Slip 2k. I've used it ever since then and have not had any issues. It does what I need it to do, doesn't get gummy or anything. Only thing I've noticed, is it evaporates a little faster than I would like on the rifles I don't use as often but I haven't gotten rust or anything so not that big of a complaint.