Knives show off

Let's see here...I do believe I have a few knives laying around...


Also currently waiting for a custom knife by Richard Derespina of my own design;

Just picked up this little guy. CRKT SIWI. Nothing overly special about it. 1095 steel, a touch over 3” edge and about 7” OAL. A little belly in the blade so could be used as a skinner in a pinch. Pointy/stabby enough for penetrating wounds rather than slashing. Hefty full tang .200” thick in the handle. G10 scales. Fits my hand near perfect. Sharp out of the box though I did strop it to begin removing the grind marks from the creation of the edge.


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Most used knives.

Benchmade mini Reflex
Benchmade Auto Presidio 154cm
Microtech Socom Elite Tanto 2012 s35vn
Microtech Socom Delta Stand 2013 ats34

Most loved out of the group is the presido. Elite is a close second. Reflex is great when you dont want to scare people using it lol

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