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Knives show off

Discussion in 'Knives' started by karmapolice, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. OK-5-0

    OK-5-0 Amateur

  2. Lex137

    Lex137 Newbie


    Spartan enyo (stopped carrying)
    Cold Steal safe make II
    Microtech Stich (automatic, really like the blade style)
  3. CS0817

    CS0817 Newbie

    The Mora Bushcraft Black is one of my favorites! 1EDB2BD3-BEAB-4359-A9FE-FA952872E050.jpeg
  4. CS0817

    CS0817 Newbie

    The Falkniven A1 is another favorite. 2B5C6B27-0C4A-412E-A4A2-52F397B0CEF6.jpeg

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