Introductions Part 3

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
Matt, LE since last century, I really enjoy training and video games - it is like they are the same.

Tell us a little about yourself.


Machinist by trade. Had the pleasure of machining parts For Nighthawk, Wilson Combat, Ruger and B.E. Meyers.
10 years later, I have the privilege to work in the firearms industry in Arizona. This year trying to shoot the local PRS matches and start uspsa.
Btw. We need more plumbing stories on modcasts.


Former Senior Financial Analyst from BFE central PA who recently became a sleazy car salesman in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Love to archery hunt for deer and turkeys, play baseball, and cook things in my smoker. Most of my experience is with long guns that are used for hunting applications, but I am slowly learning more about other platforms, thanks to the P&S Facebook groups. I'm here to keep my fingers and mouth quiet, and my eyes and ears open.


Hi, Billy Magg, just enjoy playing with ARs and Mauser 98's, a few Smith and Wesson's a Colt or two, Browning Hi-Power... long time social worker with DD adults, (yes it does rub off on you), now driving a school bus for grin's and giggle's and health insurance,, soon be eligible for medi-care, does anybody have any good advice on the part B?? anyway, I followed the school of the rifle facebook page over this direction, thanks for the ad.. billy


I forgot to introduce myself when I joined up. Sorry. Newspaper stacker, college kid, oil patch, gas patch, controls engineer, and IT guy. Still looking for what I want to do when I grow up. But I do like to shoot!
Quality engineer tech, was a reserve police officer for around a year, been into firearms for around 5 years or so and try to do things correctly. Also into Motorsports here and there and am building a car to have fun there.