Introductions Part 3

been here for a bit but I've never introduced myself I'm from Middle Tennessee, trained as a machinist but because of lack of work I'm currently a nursing student. part-time gun plumber and I'm slowly gathering knowledge that way one day I can be a certified armorer im a amateur military historian and civil war reenactor


Yet another Bob. Former coal miner, surveyor, fur trapper, computer geek and beancounter, civilian shooter/hunter since '58. I've been away from places I could shoot for many years, looks like I'm going to have to learn all over again and maybe start with better fundamentals this time around. I was raised to be very pro-LEO/military, and have never seen reason to change my mind about that.

I'll be doing a lot more reading than posting.


Current LE in the Pittsburgh area with prior Mil experience. I recently was fortunate enough to attend some instructor and other firearm courses. I have attended some armorer courses for Glock and the AR platform. I am also a tactical hobo and figured I could find some good information on the forums before continuing to buy more gear that ends up sitting in a box.


12 years USN, electrical engineer/factory rat for FoMoCo until they turned me into management. CZ pistol nerd with a strong affinity for BCM and Savage rifles. I participate in Women On Target, instruct locally and specialize in introducing new shooters to the sport. I've shot IDPA, USPSA and local matches and continue to try to improve both my shooting and instruction. Next class in in June with Tom Givens attending his RangeMaster course.


I'm a programmer primarily, though I have some experience in physical fabrication.
My favorite pistol is a Steyr M9-A1.
I have a few of the usual modern things and a few unique old guns as well.
Looking to get into doing some competitions.
Friends know me as Mark. When I'm not working as an account manager for a prominent local truck service and parts provider, much of my leisure time is spent playing with old cars and recreational shooting. Vintage S&W revolvers are my kryptonite, but building MSR's and reloading are aspects of the hobby that I really enjoy.

Hi all, just made an account. My name's Ben. I'm a school teacher in Arizona but my real passion is with shooting and hunting. I shoot USPSA for fun, love long range shooting as well, and am always on the lookout for ways to better my techniques and be more prepared. Cheers!
Thomas with Chamberd Defense. Been shooting since I was 6, always took people to the range to go shoot, so in 2009 I figured I would get my instructor certifications. I have been listening to modcasts since about 2019 and just now getting around to joining the forums. I am the chief instructor for a local range, I also help out another company focused on protection pistol, as well as started my own training company. I am hear to learn and discuss all topics. I do minor gunsmithing, but I do not call myself a gunsmith. I am a rifle., pistol, and shotgun instructor aswell as a CRSO, and a CCH instructor for NC.


Craig here. Just a 47-year old civvy that's taken a serious interest in civilian EMS and trauma preparedness in the past couple months. Followed the various P&S FB groups for a while now, but never joined the forums until now. Was on Lightfighter for a huge number of years.


Sorry I missed this introduction thread before I posted a few times already.

I listen to the P&S podcast everyonce in a while and found the forum while researching pistol mrds related stuff.

I’m a 52 y.o. physician in early retirement from clinical practice that’s had a bit of a pistol and carbine training bug since 2006 or so and I’ve taken around 11 or so classes with various well respected instructors covering pistol, carbine, fighting in and around vehicles, and long range shooting. I’m actuality going to my first CQB style class this SA.

I’ve shot one GSSF match some years ago and always wanted to do some USPSA when time allowed. Well now time allows but ammo not so much I guess. I’m in the initial stages of starting a serious dry fire regimen, and I’ve just received my Ben Stoeger dry fire reloaded and reduced dry fire target kit so I’m pumped!

I’m also a low volume poster on :).

Anyway I’ll see y’all around.


Hello all. The youtube algorithm did right by me by suggesting the P&S podcast. I got into firearms via my ex-military husband persistently recommending carrying for self defense. Glad he was persistent. I'm 99% more into handgunning versus rifles but hoping to invest in getting good at both. Next steps for me are taking non-basic handgun classes and perhaps looking into red dots in the next year when the bank account is fully over covid's economy.


Hello everyone. My name is Seth; I currently work as a Detention Officer/Firearms Instructor in Arizona and I've had a longtime interest in firearms and shooting for most my life. I love perusing the forums here and learning about all there is to offer. I constantly refer those looking to dive deep into a shooting subject to this site simply because there's a lot of knowledge to be gained.

Jon Meyer

Jon. Post more frequently on FB but trying to get back into the forums a bit more.

Army from 2007-2012 and now on my 4th year as an LEO; throw in some random stuff in between. I like to train when I can, shoot, guns, cars/trucks, good rum, a good stogie every now and then, and a whole lot of other stuff. Working on a case of the flinchies and looking forward to my next pistol class in Oct with Tap Rack.