Introductions Part 3

been here for a bit but I've never introduced myself I'm from Middle Tennessee, trained as a machinist but because of lack of work I'm currently a nursing student. part-time gun plumber and I'm slowly gathering knowledge that way one day I can be a certified armorer im a amateur military historian and civil war reenactor


Yet another Bob. Former coal miner, surveyor, fur trapper, computer geek and beancounter, civilian shooter/hunter since '58. I've been away from places I could shoot for many years, looks like I'm going to have to learn all over again and maybe start with better fundamentals this time around. I was raised to be very pro-LEO/military, and have never seen reason to change my mind about that.

I'll be doing a lot more reading than posting.


Current LE in the Pittsburgh area with prior Mil experience. I recently was fortunate enough to attend some instructor and other firearm courses. I have attended some armorer courses for Glock and the AR platform. I am also a tactical hobo and figured I could find some good information on the forums before continuing to buy more gear that ends up sitting in a box.


12 years USN, electrical engineer/factory rat for FoMoCo until they turned me into management. CZ pistol nerd with a strong affinity for BCM and Savage rifles. I participate in Women On Target, instruct locally and specialize in introducing new shooters to the sport. I've shot IDPA, USPSA and local matches and continue to try to improve both my shooting and instruction. Next class in in June with Tom Givens attending his RangeMaster course.


4 years USMC, now I'm a piloting student. I teach some basic classes in Ohio.
I like CZ, but carry a glock.

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