How did you learn about the forum?


I learned of P&S at Friends of Pat II (may have met you in passing, Matt, but I don't recall.). Like many others, I'm active here and LightFighter.


Just barely starting to get into the forums here, have been listening to the podcast for probably 8 months or so. Been reading the articles on Primary and Secondary almost as long as I have been listening to the podcast. Glad I got on the forums here because there is a wealth of knowledge I had not yet tapped into.


A reddit user named mawl-er recommend this forums to me while I was on an AR-15 research tangent.

Not too keen on the platform in spite of myself serving in the Army (mostly was an M249 gunner). I also grew up with AKs, and have been shooting/maintaining them since I was 11. So you could say I have a deep seeded bias against AR platforms lol.

Alas I'm willing to part with all of my conjecture, and learn what I can from here.


Friend of mine, who got me into shooting firearms built in my lifetime, referred me to here after getting tired of my questions. InRangeTV also, though to a lesser extent.


Lightfighter and pistolforum....

Still at both.... for reasons and perhaps misplaced loyalty....

Wish people didn't political so much....
Wish people trained harder than they complained about others....

I just want good info to take back to my Marines....

That's why I'm here now...


I found it through a odd channel, a gun meme page shared a School Of the American Rifle, followed that religiously, joined closed SOTAR group, saw something from this Matt guy, saw the P&S page, listened to podcast, and looked up the forum.

Was getting very frustrated with the gun community until I found P&S and SOTAR. Faith restored.