How did you learn about the forum?

One day a shooting friend and I were eating lunch. I mentioned that I was looking into a big gasser for my next purchase. 308 or more likely a 6.5. He pulled out his phone, played with it for a sec and said here, text this guy and tell him what you want. Ends up the phone # was Mike Mihaski, the owner of Sons Of Liberty Gunworks. I passed on the opportunity to talk to Mike as I dont buy anything with out serious Vetting. While looking into Mikes Rep and finding out as much as I could about SOLGW I came across your Modcast with Mike as a guest. Been listening to the Modcasts ever since (for the last year or so. BTW I ended up with a Seekins SP10 but looking pretty hard at a blaster from Mike.

Matt. Keep up the great work. The Modcasts are AWSOME. I have learned so much from you guys. The knowledge runs deep among the Mods and guests. Would give anything to sit around one evening drinking brown water with Ash Hess and listen to his life stories.

I've been listening to modcast and luring on this forum for a long time. Just found the motivation to make an account. I first discovered modcast years ago.
P.s. thank you guys for all your interesting and thoughtful content.

travis B

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I first heard of P&S through the modcasts. I can’t recall if it was through YT vids or while looking for a new podcast to listen to. Listening to the guys like Chuck talk about actual use of force and mindset got me hooked. I’ve told other coworkers about it and said just listen to it. You’ll be hooked too. All they have to do is press play and I’m sure they’ll be addicted to all of the information they were missing from the gun magazines and other forums.
I had liked the FB a long time ago, but honestly never paid too much attention to it. Attended Friends of Pat this year and met Pat, aka Testicle Inspector, and looked a little more into it. Then I discovered the modcasts and essentially removed the Sirius XM radio in my 4Runner and only listen to modcasts now. Makes driving so much better, and mowing the lawn. I've actually mowed my lawn extra this summer just so I had an excuse to keep listening.
I stumbled upon the forum while researching information about RDS on handguns. I also began to listening to the podcast during my commute.

Responding to this post is aiding me in staying awake until end of shift.

David Mayeur

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I want to say I found it when someone mentioned it in the FB group.

I've been in the FB group for a few years now, but never thought of joining the forum until the recent post in the FB group.


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I first found the forum when researching the history of the Roland Special. I’d brushed by P&S a couple times before that from Fisher on Practically Tactical and the Radical Firearms kerfuffle, but the Roland Special thread was my first deep dive in here.