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Discussion in 'Carbines, Rifles, & Related Equipment' started by jim hodge, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. patriot_man

    patriot_man Member

    I'm curious what the round count expectancy of a Hodge bolt is. Is there data that can be shared?
  2. Unobtanium

    Unobtanium Member

    Currently other users of the bolt have seen well over 30K rounds.
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  3. Caomhin

    Caomhin Amateur

    I think I need a couple of these carbines.

    You take trade ins? LOL

    Just kidding.

    You have a superb product. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work.

    "One cannot awaken a man who pretends to be asleep."
  4. Phil Combs

    Phil Combs Jerk Ingredients Off Moderator

    Wouldn't trade my 16" Mod-1 for anything. Just waiting on a 12.5" upper to find its way to the market now!

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  5. KyleDuPrey

    KyleDuPrey Newbie

    Looks like a fantastic rifle. Thanks for answering spec-related questions.

    Looking at some of the dealers listed on your site and a few quick google searches doesn't yield much in the way of purchasing the AU mod-2.

    How does one go about purchasing one? Or are they unavailable at this time?
  6. Wizey

    Wizey Newbie

    I just built up a new upper with Hodge parts. I am a fan. The quality of the upper and rail are a step above any other AR I have personally held. A few names in the AR world stand for quality: Geissele, Spuhr, and Hodge is in that tier level. I will say that the upper requires some extra attention when installing the barrel. I had to put the barrel in a freezer and use a heat gun for a bit to get barrel to seat fully. I am looking forward to more of Hodge's stuff coming to the market. I now need a lower and barrel whenever they become available.
  7. Hi I'm new to this forum (been lurking but not posting) but since Mr. Hodge is personally responding here I thought I'd ask:

    Are there any plans to sell complete upper receivers? I'm in California unfortunately so much as I would like the full rifle a Hodge upper on my Mega or LMT lower seems like it would be a pretty sweet gun.

    Also, would the Mod 2 be available with a 14.5 barrel as well as a 16?

    Thank you in advance.
  8. Unobtanium

    Unobtanium Member

    -I do believe you can buy MOD 1 uppers. They aren't always in stock, as Hodge builds small batches, but I want to say I've seen them at Weapon Outfitters, and others. If not, Hodge has their contact info on their page. Reach out, if he doesn't respond here.

    -The 14.5" barrels are very sexy, but they are also a bit more specialized (and rare). Those barrels are for military guns. They LOVE 5.56 pressure, and heavier .223 pressure (75gr) ammunition, but you may or may not like how it runs with junk ammo like Brown Bear/Wolf/Tula and the like that some people insist on running. The 14.5" is a work barrel, made around M855A1. It is a "friends and family" type thing, that comes with that disclosure. Feed it stuff it likes, because it was made for the military, and they don't use Brown Bear/Tula. That said, it is the best shooting AR type rifle I have ever fired. VERY smooth, suppressed or unsuppressed.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. I actually saw today that WO has some Hodge gear but they're out of stock. I'll keep an eye on them and maybe try Dury's.

    As for the ammo, I stock a range of ammo but don't mind matching the right ammo with the right gun. I don't shoot a lot of brass, the cheapest ammo I usually shoot is PMC Bronze. That being said, I'd be happy with a 16" if that's whats more obtainable. I am likely going to go with a KAC Sr15 to fill my 14.5 needs anyway.
  10. Unobtanium

    Unobtanium Member

    The 16" is likely more obtainable. It's an EXCELLENT barrel, as well. The 16's used to be DD barrels, and I am not sure if they were changed to FN, or not. If they are DD barrels, I have one in my DDM4, and it's shooting 1-1.3MOA 10-shot groups at 100 yards all day long with well over 5K rounds abusively hosed through it.

    The SR15 is a 16" as well. You will need to obtain an SR16 upper to have a 14.5" barrel.

    Personally, I'm a Hodge Defense guy. But I'm also a KAC guy. Both of those rifles are the tip of the spear as far as I'm concerned!
  11. tact

    tact Regular Member

    The SR15 info in incorrect. You can get Mod2 14.5s fairly easy as they are available in both keymod and mlok.
  12. Unobtanium

    Unobtanium Member

    I was unaware, are they being sold as complete guns? Thanks!
  13. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    They can be had both as a complete upper or as an SBR.
  14. mtdawg169

    mtdawg169 Newbie

    I'm way late to this thread, but can someone explain the advantages of 9310 BARREL steel vs 4150cmv / 11595E?
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  15. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    Most of the places carrying the barrel state that it's "machine gun barrel steel", like any of the CHF barrels from FN; thus, I assume that the 9310H is the actual steel used in the M249, and thus has superior barrel life, as claimed by Noveske, PSA, Centurion Arms, etc.

    Purely conjecture on my part, though.
  16. mtdawg169

    mtdawg169 Newbie

    Hmmm. I've always been under the impression that the 249 barrels were 4150cmv and just had a thicker chrome lining. At least that was my impression of the Noveske, BCM and Centurion HF barrels.
  17. Dramabeats

    Dramabeats Newbie

    M4 Barrels are 4150. The M249 has a different material - FN has not told us, but this could be what they call it.
  18. Pat Tarrant

    Pat Tarrant Custom testicles

    Couple of questions about some of the Hodge components available:

    Is the 12.5" barrel I'm seeing for sale (places like Weapon Outfitters, OPTactical, etc) the same one used in current production guns? I'm mainly concerned over gas ports, as I plan to run suppressed part time. Ammo would be mostly 75gr Gold Dot for serious use, maybe m193 for training.

    Second, other than asthetics, is there any difference between the Hodge and Mega branded Wedge Lock rails?
  19. The Hodge and Mega branded rails are of slightly different lengths. I believe the one Hodge uses on their 16 and 14.5 barrels falls between Mega's Rifle and Extended Rifle lengths.
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  20. Gambit Zeta

    Gambit Zeta Newbie

    In addition to what has been said above, another difference is the material. It uses Aluminium-lithium which is what's used on the MOD 2 receivers. In an nutshell it's both lighter and stronger than the mega counter part.

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