Carrying while running?


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I use a "Fit Belt" or other similar neoprene, stretchy running belt, which makes it easy to carry a IWB holster, with a G-26.

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Assuming you know your area better, but the one place I am 100% sure to carry is when running in the boonies. Aside from stats of late, only times I have had even peripheral run-ins (and one very no shit run in) with people has been in rural areas, state/fed parks, etc.

Interesting... not surprising the rural run-in comment. I am with you on urban vs boonies. 100% in boonies, bar none.


Since gyms closed due to the pandemic I shifted to rucking for daily exercise. I basically change nothing from my EDC setup aside from pants, the material I use for rucking breathes a lot better than the denim I usually wear when carrying. Although I did notice that a small amount of rust developed on my firearm due to the increased exposure to sweat (this combined with the range closing down I didn't have much reason to pull my gun out of the holster, or so I thought)
Depends on where I'm running...I'm based in Montana, so we do have a real issue with Grizzlies & Moose on trail runs. This includes a near fatal attack on a trail I usually hit 1-2x per week --> Trail runs, I roll with a G20 in a Kenai Chest Holster. It does affect breathing & bounces around a little bit, but generally I'm not going for speed on a trail run. The extra weight is worth the slight discomfort considering the close calls we've had with the 2 aforementioned animals. I use the Kenai over the HPG Kit bag for faster deployment of the firearm. The HPG is awesome, but a little to much going on with the draw stroke to be as fast as out of a Kenai. In addition, I have one of the camelback water bladder/backpacks (not sure on model) & the shoulder straps help to anchor the straps on the Kenai rig without excessive tightening.

For running around town I use the Unity Clutch belt with a G19, spare mag, cell phone, & medical gear. Like someone said earlier, I wear it a little bit lower so the muzzle of the gun is inline with the belt line of my shorts (Gun is at 1:00). On hot days, I'll usually ditch the shirt and tuck it over a G43 with Ulticlips, with the shirt in between my body and the holster & over the firearm. Its fine for 4-5 miles and then it begins fairly irritable.


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Lately, I've taken to this for ease of carry.

Spiritus Systems Sack - basically a fanny pack/sack.

I put a Glock 26 in a VG2 inside of it, wedged amongst the IFAK thats always in it. Cinch it down tight and go run. No, its not fast to access, but really, I'm running anyways.


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Good info. I read the reviews on the Ulticlips, just ordered a XL model for beltless and belt carry. I have motorcycle pants that have no belt, and need a secure method of carrying on the bike when not wearing jeans or other pants. I have not solved the problem of carrying on person (vice in fanny pack, or other bag) when bicycling.