Carrying while running?

I use a "Fit Belt" or other similar neoprene, stretchy running belt, which makes it easy to carry a IWB holster, with a G-26.
Assuming you know your area better, but the one place I am 100% sure to carry is when running in the boonies. Aside from stats of late, only times I have had even peripheral run-ins (and one very no shit run in) with people has been in rural areas, state/fed parks, etc.
Interesting... not surprising the rural run-in comment. I am with you on urban vs boonies. 100% in boonies, bar none.
Since gyms closed due to the pandemic I shifted to rucking for daily exercise. I basically change nothing from my EDC setup aside from pants, the material I use for rucking breathes a lot better than the denim I usually wear when carrying. Although I did notice that a small amount of rust developed on my firearm due to the increased exposure to sweat (this combined with the range closing down I didn't have much reason to pull my gun out of the holster, or so I thought)
Depends on where I'm running...I'm based in Montana, so we do have a real issue with Grizzlies & Moose on trail runs. This includes a near fatal attack on a trail I usually hit 1-2x per week --> Trail runs, I roll with a G20 in a Kenai Chest Holster. It does affect breathing & bounces around a little bit, but generally I'm not going for speed on a trail run. The extra weight is worth the slight discomfort considering the close calls we've had with the 2 aforementioned animals. I use the Kenai over the HPG Kit bag for faster deployment of the firearm. The HPG is awesome, but a little to much going on with the draw stroke to be as fast as out of a Kenai. In addition, I have one of the camelback water bladder/backpacks (not sure on model) & the shoulder straps help to anchor the straps on the Kenai rig without excessive tightening.

For running around town I use the Unity Clutch belt with a G19, spare mag, cell phone, & medical gear. Like someone said earlier, I wear it a little bit lower so the muzzle of the gun is inline with the belt line of my shorts (Gun is at 1:00). On hot days, I'll usually ditch the shirt and tuck it over a G43 with Ulticlips, with the shirt in between my body and the holster & over the firearm. Its fine for 4-5 miles and then it begins fairly irritable.


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Lately, I've taken to this for ease of carry.

Spiritus Systems Sack - basically a fanny pack/sack.

I put a Glock 26 in a VG2 inside of it, wedged amongst the IFAK thats always in it. Cinch it down tight and go run. No, its not fast to access, but really, I'm running anyways.


Good info. I read the reviews on the Ulticlips, just ordered a XL model for beltless and belt carry. I have motorcycle pants that have no belt, and need a secure method of carrying on the bike when not wearing jeans or other pants. I have not solved the problem of carrying on person (vice in fanny pack, or other bag) when bicycling.