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Carrying while running?

Discussion in 'Fitness General' started by Yo_Adrian_G, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Yo_Adrian_G

    Yo_Adrian_G Newbie

    I was wondering what everyone's running carry rig is and how they carry?
    I currently use a maxpedition fanny pack with a fill blowout kit in the back, G26 spare mag, folding knife, flashlight, wallet and iPhone. It gets pretty heavy so I was wondering what everyone else uses?
  2. OEF89E

    OEF89E Newbie

    HPG Snubby Kit Bag in grey. It's just the right size to hold a gun with a few extras but it doesn't look so big that people will wonder wtf is on your chest. I put my phone in the front pocket and run headphones out of it, so that makes it pretty obvious that it's to hold my phone. I can carry either a glock 19 or 43 just fine in it. With the 43, I usually stick a spare mag in as well. It's a fantastic product.
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  3. Nathan Burns

    Nathan Burns Newbie

    I've been on the fence getting a kit bag for the trail... may have to pull the trigger on one soon.
  4. Matt0311

    Matt0311 Member

    I like Hill People Gear a lot, it is kind of obvious though and if I can look unarmed I prefer to. I use one of their pouches while hiking though.

    I've been using a belly band which is fine except for sprinting. Heard good things about the Unity belt but I'll probably be going to a chest holster by 2A Holsters.
  5. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    I'm tempted to get a Unity Clutch belt, but waiting for more feedback from Jarad Reston who posted he got one to try out.

    Currently I will carry my 19 or RMR'd 17 in a Uncle Mikes neoprene holster. Its not perfect, but its okay. I do need to get a new one as its worn out. This works with any shorts I can tie tight.

    If running longer distances I'll through the gun in a Go-Lite fanny pack and accept getting the gun is a slow process from 6 O'clock.

    Sometimes I wear pants/shorts with belt loops and belt and carry AIWB in a wedgeless Eidolon.
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  6. Yo_Adrian_G

    Yo_Adrian_G Newbie

    I've thought about the HPG offerings but it would be similar to what I'm currently using. The other issue is that I'm in south Florida so it's pretty hot. The clutch is something I hadn't thought about. I saw Mr. Reston's post and would be interested to hear some feedback also since he is also in Florida.
  7. hellion

    hellion Amateur

    I carry a Glock 43 in one of these rigs:

    Full disclosure, he's a local guy and had given me free holsters before, and sold me that particular one at a discount. That being said, he makes solid holsters, and has great customer service.

    The regular belt clips, with the weight of the gun and extra mag stay clipped to my shorts, which are mma/wod style shorts, just fine. I've contemplated ordering some utiliclips to replace then though, for extra security.

    But at an additional $25, when the current holster works fine, I have not made it a priority.
  8. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    I tried an ulticlip and granted it was only a $10 experiment, but it was a total failure of an experiment. It would not clip on to any shorts or sweat pants I had with any degree of strength to allow drawing a weapon and leave the holster in my pants.
    As always, YMMV, and if it works for you that would be a good thing.
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  9. justin.coyle

    justin.coyle Member

    When I carry my baby glock I've worn a pistol-wear .com neoprene belly band pouch. Or I run the HPG kit bag with my duty gun. . I added some different shock cord to the HPG to reduce shift on body for me.
  10. hellion

    hellion Amateur

    Good to know, thanks for the feedback. If what I have now is currently working, definitely no sense in spending money to change to something that has failed others!
  11. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    Hill people gear with a raven VG2, glock 19 (or 26)

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