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P&S ModCast 21-1 Paul Gardner, USMC Primary & Secondary ModCast Speaking with Paul Gardner (0311 USMC) about the 2003 gunfight in Iraq that left him paralyzed. Things to consider: Was his reload causing an issue? Was his magazine orientation in the pouch creating an issue? Did his body position cause unneeded danger? How did


Ihor Balaban

A year ago today we lost a great man, Ihor Balaban. This video is recorded from his prospective while training at DARC in October 2013. If you listen, you can hear his muffled voice under his gasmask. We are using this video as the intro for some if our more


P&S ModCast: 1-1 Instructors & Institutional Inertia

ModCast! Knowledge Bombs were dropped, many egos will be hurt. This was recorded on 02/15/16 and edited from 4 hours and 40 minutes of footage. Two more videos will be published from this night. The format was casual chat with some questions from viewers.  

SITREP: Primary & Secondary

Now that SHOT is over, I can provide a SITREP for P&S. I attended SHOT for multiple reasons. The biggest reason: I wanted the event to be a litmus test to gauge where P&S is and what our forecasted future might be. The future is extremely bright, sunny, with little