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The Varying Quality of the AR15 and Why. Part 1

By Will Larson, Owner: Semper Paratus Arms Over the course of the last few years and most recently in the last four years since I started teaching an AR-15 centric based armorer course, I usually get asked about what separates a “Hobby type AR” over one for professional use ( i.e.- anti-social gatherings). What we need… read more »

Trends You Can Influence

The state of the gun industry rant: ON. Right now large gun industry entities are promoting and providing an outlet for non-rates (who probably should be classified as hobbyists) to shine and get undeserved attention. This provides a very negative effect on us as consumers. There are potential long term effects from the bad info… read more »

“MIl-Spec” – The Minimum Standard For Quality

“Milspec” is a sales buzzword that provides a loose definition of the minimum standard of quality for a specific dependable combat weapon. There are several brands that say they are milspec and are not even close to that minimum level of acceptable quality. If you are buying a weapon for fun or for just plinking,… read more »

2nd Amendment, Facts, & Social Media

We complain about liberal inaccuracies with firearms. Anti-gun agendas are using made up statistics and facts to scare people who don’t know better. Much of today’s pro-gun community on social media is also having issues with the truth. Too much rumor and inaccurate info is being spread as fact. The inaccuracies self perpetuate among groups… read more »

Why Primary & Secondary

Before microwaves we used ovens. Before cell phones we use payphones. Before the internet we used libraries (and we actually had to talk to people). Nowadays we get what we want NOW! Unfortunately, if we blindly go to the internet intending to find truth, we will most likely not find it on our first search. … read more »

Law Enforcement Case Law and What it Means for You

So after Bill Blowers and I discussed LE training on a ModCast recently, I got several questions regarding case law and how it applies to training and where liabilities exist – so rather than answer a couple people, I’m going to address those questions and issues in this article. This article will serve you especially… read more »

P&S Skill Drills With Bill – Fast Drill

Primary & Secondary Skill Drills With Bill Blowers of 7 yards, 3X5 head Box 8′ circle. Load pistol with 2, have a reload with 4. On the beep, draw and fire two rounds to the 3X5, slide lock reload, four rounds to the circle. Under 5 seconds is what you wanna get.  

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The SITREP 3-3 Fundamentals of Leadership

Primary & Secondary presents The SITREP Part 3: The panel discusses nuances of leadership as viewed from law enforcement, military, and corporate vantages. Panel: Roland Bill Blowers – John “Chappy” Chapman – Mike Martin – Richard Mason – Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) Matt 00:00 – The seriousness of leadership 11:00 –… read more »

An Armed Citizen’s Guide to the Online Firearms Galaxy

The internet is a wide open space with few rules and little supervision. Things in the real world such as credibility, lineage, and integrity can easily be counterfeited on the net and replaced with followers, likes, and SEO. If your hobby is of little consequence like, let’s say watch collecting, then the detriment in following… read more »


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