A Quick Guide To Fighting

As a cop there really are very few trained and disciplined crooks that can actually fight. All of them understand the street, talk shit while you move inside and then throw a haymaker followed up with monkey rage wild swings or kicks to the head if the haymaker connects. This has been my experience anyway, not just from personal fights but responding to people who have been beat up at the bus stop.

So first order of business is don’t let a dude get inside the range of his weapons. Maintain more range than normal cultural conversation distances.

Two things are gonna happen, he’s gonna throw that ugly ass overhand right or try to tackle you. So learn to see telegraphs and slip punches. Learn to stuff or sidestep the tackle. Both of these are best learned through a boxing program that includes sparring.

I can fight orthodox or south paw, and I think feeling good from either is a force multiplier just like shooting support side. But get real good dominant side first, then incorporate the support side.

Low line kicks are also something you want in the arsenal. Stop kicks and meat tenderizers to the knee and thigh will start to break a dude down. These need to be snappy and strong lest the bad guy grabs your leg. Also keeps a dude guessing.

As a cop, I do not have a repercussion to pulling my stick. I prefer a straight wood stick, ASPs can fuck off. As soon as the shit talking starts, I pull Admiral Ouch out as a show of force. I tend to hold it resting on the shoulder, and I launch it from there as well. So a bit of Kali can’t hurt, again with both hands getting good.

Take down defense is what’s up, I don’t want this fight going to the ground ever. I have too much shit available for a dude to grab, so I need to be able to prevent an unskilled attempt. Distance, footwork and basic skill SHOULD prevent this from happening. I have never been taken to the ground outside of training with very skilled friends. I know I can be, and dudes have tried, but my training has prevented it.

I think of the fight as a day’s work. I don’t have to destroy a dude in seconds, my cardio is top notch so I can let him get tired. Keep maintaining distance, strike and counter strike when I can, watch him get tired. This might also allow a moment in time for the radio call. Then me and all my friends get to beat him up together. I call this “Team building”. I work fists, feet and stick every week, double end bag, heavy bag and ground bag. It is incorporated into my PT, because it’s physical training after all.

I cannot beat up everyone, just like I can’t out shoot, out strength, out run everyone. I train for the street fight and the biggest advantage in that fight, is keep your cool, don’t get caught and put in a day’s work.

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