Amtac Shooting Women’s Combatives Course, Cummings GA

This is a custom course for women only.  It is designed to teach you to better protect yourself and your loved ones.  It will increase your confidence in knowing how to most effectively use your tools.  This is not a shooting course.  You will learn basic combatives and blade work and then transition to drawing… read more »

Women’s Defensive Tactics Course

This course is focusing on the female defensive mindset, problem-solving and skills needed to avoid or at least level the playing field during an attack! What to bring: Handgun Holster 100-200 rounds of target ammo Comfortable range clothing that you can get dirty! If you don’t have that stuff…you can borrow it from us…we just… read more »

Women, Wardrobes, Guns

“But, women have to completely re-think their wardrobe in order to carry a gun safely.” Apparently, according to the vast majority of men, women regularly need to go up a size in their jeans, or completely “re-think” their wardrobe in order to accommodate your everyday Kydex holster. This has always been one of those “nail on a… read more »


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