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Legal Aspects of Warrant Service with NVG

One of the things I like best about being a travelling instructor is meeting cops from all over the place and talking about the similarities in the job regardless of jurisdiction. Some of the similarities are funny; like nobody has ever owned the pants they were wearing when dope is found in the pockets, “These ain’t my pants Officer”. Some similarities are also command staff personnel who are living in the past and are actually roadblocks to progression. Some of this based on how we did it back in the day, disconnect from the street, and some of it is not embracing technology due to bad information or lack of knowledge. All of those things seem to manifest themselves in regard to NVG use for Warrant Service by SWAT units. “There’s case law that says you can’t use NVG as cops!”, my response has always been “What is the case?”. And then I get the blank….. Here is the reality, there are plenty of cases that talk about NVG and Thermal image intensifying devices in regards to the government using them to obtain information to obtain search warrants. One of the earliest was U.S. V. Lee, a prohibition era case


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PSA for Buying Night Vision/Thermal Equipment

When buying 'new' gear, please take the time to find out some pertinent info: 1. Who is selling it and what is their role in the sale? 2. Who is building the equipment and what qualifications do they have? 3. What are the warranty and return terms? I was recently asked to check a pair of goggles over that had been purchased by an individual from a 'dealer'. The individual had some concerns with a few things and shipped them to me. Upon inspecting them I discovered several used parts, pieces missing (o-rings etc) and poor workmanship. The tubes performed terribly on my test set and I opened them up to discover a pair of Russian Gen 2 WP tubes (believed to be Ekran) and not the L3 WP Filmless that they were sold as. If anyone has any concerns regarding an item they have bought I would be happy to help and can walk through what 'red flags' to look for at ryan@nightlongind.com.
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