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Shot Process: Stability

Today we will be discussing the first functional element of the shot process: Stability. While some would say that stability is the most important element, we want our paratroopers to realize that all these elements need to work together in order to achieve a hit where they are aiming at. TC 3-22.9 states that stability 'is provided through four functions: support, muscle relaxation, natural point of aim, and recoil management. These functions provide the Soldier the means to best stabilize the weapon during the engagement process.' Support is provided either by the Paratrooper's body (natural means), or by artificial means (e.g. a tripod) Either of these will work, what the paratrooper needs to take into consideration when employing these forms of support is how much time they have to assume the position, and how stable a platform that natural or artificial support provides. When assuming a position, the paratrooper will work out a pre-shot routine as a part of their shot process. This is recommended when you have the time to take a well-aimed shot, or when you are zeroing. The Paratrooper should have a defined start point (e.g. starting at the non-firing hand or the feet) and work their


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