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Master Gunner

Ideas & Concepts,

Shot Process: Aiming

TC 3-22.9 dated May 2016, states that aiming is “the continuous process of orienting the weapon correctly, aligning the sights aligning on the target, and the application of the appropriate lead and elevation during a target engagement.” In order to achieve this, regardless of what you are using, the Paratrooper needs to keep the following… read more »

STRAC Continued

As we discussed DA PAM 350-38 (also known as the STRAC) and how it affects training for the paratrooper. I am now going to go on a talk through of how to use this publication to figure your round allocation for the year for a company. You can find the STRAC at the following link:… read more »

DA Pam 350-38 (Standards in Training Commision)

For this discussion on Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, I will be discussing DA Pam 350-38 (Standards in Training Commision). This book is used in conjunction with TC 3-20.0 (Integrated Weapons Training Strategy, May 2015). Both of these books are the bible for the amount of ammunition that individuals are supposed to shoot in a given… read more »

Shot Process: Stability

Today we will be discussing the first functional element of the shot process: Stability. While some would say that stability is the most important element, we want our paratroopers to realize that all these elements need to work together in order to achieve a hit where they are aiming at. TC 3-22.9 states that stability… read more »


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