Learning Firearms Patrol Rifle Marksman Course, Baxter, MN

Learning Firearms is offering a 2-Day Patrol Rifle Marksman Course that is open to citizens, law enforcement and military. ┬áThe course emphasizes the use of magnified low power variable optics (LPVOs), magnified combat optics and RDS magnifiers on carbines or patrol rifles to engage targets ranging from CQB distance to 400+yds. ┬áStudents will gain experience… read more »

Low Power Variable Optics

We will be discussing optics, and what trends there are in the civilian market that may carry over to the military force modernization efforts. One of the biggest trends in the optics market for firearms the past few years has been in Low-Power Variable Optics. For the Definition of this discussion, a low-power variable optic… read more »


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