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Dry Fire Validity

  “As there is no ammunition, every day when they come here for training, the shooters just aims the gun, pull the trigger to hear the ‘tick’ sound, and that’s all,” – Nguyen Tan Nam, coach of the 2016 Socialist Republic of Vietnam Shooting team For Training Tuesday, we will be looking at how incorporating… read more »

Training Methodology for Dry-Fire in a Unit

  For Fossil Friday, our discussion topic is training methodology, and how it needs to change specifically about dry-fire. Our references for this discussion are TC’s 3-22.9, Change 2 dated August 2017, TC 3-22.249, dated May 2017, and TC 3-23.35, dated May 2017. In order to build mastery in a skill, it must be done… read more »

How to Implement Dry-Fire for Large Groups

  For more Training Tuesday, we will be looking at how to integrate dry-fire into the training calendar. The reference for this discussion is Appendix D TC’s 3-22.9, 3-22.249, and 3-23.35. I get told on a regular basis that there is not enough time in the day to do dry-fire. Units allegedly have too many… read more »

Changes to the Army’s Rifle Qualification

For Training Tuesday, we will be looking at the changes in qualification standards that were briefed during the Maneuver Warfighter Conference last week, and what we can do to ready our Paratroopers for the change. The reference for this discussion is the 82nd Integrated Weapons Training Strategy LPD Slides. Table VI (as record fire will… read more »


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