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Holster Positioning – An Unpopular View

Holster positioning and corresponding equipment seem to be a topic that comes up often. Though this may appear to be common sense to some, not everyone is at the same level of experience. So let's break this down in simple terms. Positioning, attire, belt, and holster all work together as an effective system or an ineffective hindrance. Without a quality belt and quality holster, the position of your holster on your belt may not be as optimal as you would hope. If you don't dress to carry, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Obviously we aren't all built the same. Body types differ - this is all coming from a 6'5" 250 lb person. Starting from 6 o'clock (small of back) and moving the weapon to 12 o'clock (appendix), as you move forward from 6 to 12 you gain positive benefits. Small of back does not provide awareness of the weapon (you don't know if it is concealed), it prints horribly if you bend, it is slow to access, and it is difficult to defend. Even worse, it can cause serious injury if the wearer falls on their back. Strongside provides better awareness of the weapon, it allows less printing


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