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Tomahawk Selection

I have had a few questions in regard to selecting a tomahawk for police work. I am no expert on 'Hawk construction but a few things to consider would be type of steel used. Tool steels like D2 are good, it is no secret that I love the American Kami stuff, DJ uses S7 which is used in high impact/shock applications like jack hammer bits. http://www.americankami.com/impact.html The second would be a full tang, meaning that it is made from a single piece of steel rather than having a head with a partial tang supported by a handle. Remember that you are going to be beating the piss out of this thing and it needs to hold up to the punishment. Handle material is also important so it should not be slippery and provide a solid gripping surface that fits the hand to prevent rolling and so forth. The shape is also important, I need a spike that is thin enough to fit most locks hasps so I can break them. I also need it think enough to withstand the prying and twisting that is required for doors. I bought an AK Micraxe prior to knowing that DJ also makes a


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