Main Gun Coffee Company: First Sergeant Blend

Been sampling the Main Gun Coffee Company First Sergeant blend. I like it.

It’s a darker roast than the Belt Fed (I’d call it a medium roast, it’s not a dark roast, but darker than the Belt Fed), with a light body, and mild cacao and red wine notes. Being a darker roast, you taste the fire more than the lighter roast, which gives it a hint of smokiness on the back end. Those are really just hints under the excellent coffee taste, which is pretty awesome.

Many darker roast coffees can be a little too much for some folks, as they’re either too dark (where you taste more of the roast, and it covers the natural flavors of the coffee), or they’re heavy bodied which some folks find objectionable. The First Sergeant blend strikes a nice balance, just dark enough of a roast, with a light enough body to be a daily drinker.

I tend to like my medium/darker roasted coffees with a little heavier body. If there was one thing I’d change about the blend, that would be it. Not a negative on the coffee, just a personal preference.

That being said, the First Sergeant blend is the exception to that rule.

In the interest of complete disclosure, Mike with Main Gun Coffee did send me a sample to try. I then turned around and ordered two bags of their great coffee. Next on the agenda is the Sabot blend and the DFAC Decaf. I’m not a decaf drinker usually, but I know enough folks that are that it’ll be worth trying. It won’t be my last order with them, as it’s damn good, and everybody in the house loves it.

The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate, and the ordering system is quick. I received an order confirmation immediately, and as per usual with the Martin clan, received a shipping notice within 24hrs. They’re good people, who take customer service seriously.

As an update, the more I drink this stuff, the better I like it. It really does strike a great balance between flavor, roast, and body, and is a First Sergeant in a cup to instill some motivation and awesome in your day. Still have to try the Sabot Blend, but this may just end up my favorite.



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