Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller is an Internationally recognized expert with the Kalashnikov rifle, he is the founder of Rifle Dynamics and continues to consult with them as he has since he sold the company in 2017. Jim has been one of the main contributors to the growth and popularity of the AK in America and now with Jim’s help, his company SKW America can offer you some of the best and most up to date Info, design and testing services available for the Kalashnikov Rifle system.

SKW America is a consulting agency specializing in the Kalashnikov Rifle and its variants. Training in and the use of, maintenance and history as well as Research and Development and Test and Evaluation of new products for the Kalashnikov rifle. We are also an 07FFL/SOT so we can handle NFA class weapons as well.

SKW America offers expert witness testimony for court cases involving Kalashnikov rifle and its variants. Jim has done many depositions and court testimony for cases involving the Kalashnikov rifle.

Jim will be one of the featured instructors at the Primary & Secondary Training Summit in Logan, Utah Sept 5,6, & 7, 2020.



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