Introducing the Vanguard GT Holster


CTT Solutions and Gunterest would like to announce their new Vanguard GT holster for the Glock 19. It was designed by Mike Pannone (CTTS) and Mia Wood (Gunterest) for effective, minimalist concealed carry. It combines all the best-known features of safe, secure, and tested minimalist holsters.

Originally conceived as a female-friendly concealed carry holster, it is unisex in design.

• The trigger guard with Ulti Clip affixes the gun directly to your waistband.
• No belt is needed.
• No extra girth or bulk is added to your gun’s profile.
• Both right and left-handed wingclaw options are available.
• The holster is also adaptable for purse carry. A cord or carabiner can be looped through one of the holes to anchor into a purse when drawn.

The design arose from Mike and Mia’s beta class for women’s concealed carry. They tested several different holsters, ways to carry, and drawing and shooting with various types of clothing. This first Vanguard GT model was designed for Mia’s primary carry, the Glock 19.

Only 100 have been made and are sold ONLY on The cost is $50 + S&H. Please specify right-handed or left-handed upon ordering.

The holsters will also be showcased at both CTT Solutions and Gunterest classes until they are sold out. More of these and other models of the Vanguard GT will be available later this year – along with additional variants.


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