Upcoming Holosun HE509T - Enclosed emitter, tube-style titanium pistol optic

Given a fair number of reports of failures of the DPP's Motion Sensor Technology in USPSA, I am leery of Holosun's Shake Awake, and that's something that can only really be teased out over large sample sizes.
Sample sizes should already be available - they have applied this technology over several models for the last couple years now. I have yet to hear of a failure. Hopefully the design defaults to a constant on configuration if the Shake Awake circuitry fails.
I'm curious if you ever got a holosun 509, because I've got a G45 slide milled for the acro, and I'd rather have the holosun. Just wanting to know if it'll mount where the acro does.
Other than industry insiders, I am not aware of any 509’s shipping to consumers as of yet. Supposedly they will start shipping this months but I’ve been hearing that since March.