Unofficial Official B8 Bullseye Thread

How was it going from a G17 to the Night Fighter?
It was significantly different. The weight of the gun alone made a difference. Also, it seems that the night fighter recoils significant slower than glock. That’s just by feeling course. The grip was surprising pleasant. I always figured it would be like holding onto a telephone pole or something.

As nice as it is, I have to say that it did not make me want to go running to by a 2011. That might be the first time ever that a gun guy said that. Mark it down. (I think chuck’s comparison to his 1911 competition gun and work glocks rang very true and is telling me to just stay on one wagon).
I hate shooting B-8s at 25... I suck at it and it's mentally exhausting. I also recognize it is good for me.

I jumped on the STI Staccato bandwagon. I opted for the P 4.45 DUO, so I'm also learning to use a dot. I went with the SRO, only because some mentors have recommended I start off with the most forgiving optic.

I'm usually a high 80's in slow-fire with shooting a Glock 17. The Staccato P DUO with SRO instantly helped me become a mid-90s shooter with very little effort.