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Discussion in 'Gear Discussion' started by Unity-Trent, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Unity-Trent

    Unity-Trent Amateur Vendor

    Mods, if this is in the wrong place please move / delete.

    Now that Clutch belts are getting into the wild, I am interested to see how different users set them up, modify them, and get the most out of them for their specific use.

    Here is my belt. I use this belt for range training, travel kit, hunting, easy-on at home, etc. I may switch around a few things depending on what I am doing, but its very quick.


    L to R on belt

    -2x G17 mags in Kydex Pouch
    -2x Rifle Mags in ITW FastMags
    -Velocity Gloves - This is the adjustment cell, the belt fits me perfectly, so I removed the adjustment shock cord
    -2x ASP Flex Cuffs - In most cases I have a knife and handheld light in this pocket (Shown Below)
    -G19 / T-1 / XC-1 - This cell has an open bottom so larger pistols can be used. In some cases I have a G19, X300, Suppressor in a custom holster
    -CLEER Pocket IFAK & RAT TQ - This cell is also perfect for the CLEER MBOK
    -I don't currently have anything in the admin pocket, though I sometimes store the gloves or other small misc items

    Here are some additional uses for the overlapping velcro front:


    TQ on a hanger, accessible centerline


    Glow Sticks
  2. Orionz06

    Orionz06 Amateur

    How does the pistol sit in there? Is it something that is standalone/universal or would it benefit from a slip in shell?

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  3. Unity-Trent

    Unity-Trent Amateur Vendor

    Kydex holster with Velcro. Most holsters can be used. Just pull off the hardware, clean and affix Velcro, insert into belt.

    We have used the Safariland 7378 for a level 1 retention system and it works well.

    That video may answer some questions.
  4. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Regular Member

    This looks pretty interesting. I'm going to look into getting one to play with a bit.
  5. Moz

    Moz Newbie

    Any ideas on a timeline for restock? I'd really like to get one to play around with.
  6. Unity-Trent

    Unity-Trent Amateur Vendor

    Gray is coming. Probably another 4-5 weeks. We had material delays.

    Our elastic inserts will be in stock in a few weeks as well.

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  7. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Regular Member

    Gray is perfect. Please let us know when it's up on the site!
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  8. SoTex

    SoTex Amateur

    Necro post, but in an attempt to keep any information on the clutch in the same thread:

    Does anyone have any pictures or willing to discuss the concealability of this in street clothes? It goes without saying this is dependent on how much stuff you carry, how you're built, and what you're wearing but I'd like to hear about some first hand experiences and/or see some pictures.
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  9. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    Same boat here, curious what all its being used for. Also, if anyone has tried it for a running rig.
  10. Unity-Trent

    Unity-Trent Amateur Vendor

    I know of a couple of guys using it for a running rig, and Chris from Veil has some time with one as well. Hopefully they will chime in.
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  11. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    Was thinking about getting one for a front line kit in a go bag with an sbr.
  12. krax

    krax Amateur

    Are the elastic inserts 10-speed-like in function?
  13. Unity-Trent

    Unity-Trent Amateur Vendor

    Yes, same concept, but just a Velcro backer.
  14. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    Jared Reston had a good post up on Facebook featuring his setup. He was doing plainclothes crowd control work. He had a pile of gear on and didn't look like any thing but a gray haired dad.

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  15. krax

    krax Amateur

    Mine arrived today. I'm digging it so far.

    More often than not it'll be worn over a CCW-type setup, so I'm glad I ordered a large. I think I'll be separating an IFAK into bleeding and airway/respiration kits and putting each kit into a cell on the CLUTCH.
  16. jnc36rcpd

    jnc36rcpd Member

    Trent, while I realize it is not ideal, would IWB Kydex holster belt clips work? I'd like to be able to switch between my duty weapon and my Shield. This would primarily be for working out. Thanks.

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