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Update: Got the Clutch insert kit and it's good.

I replaced my kydex pistol mag pouch with the pistol mag insert to which I like better. One thing the kydex has going for it is rigidity for reinserting mags. If you were topping off your pistol and needed to stow the partial mag in a hurry, you can always get it into the open cell albeit with iffy retention.

The M4 mag insert is just right for a SOFT-W.

The GP/IFAK insert was just what I needed for the IFAK pouches I'm using. The cells hold them in OK, but without extra retention of some sort sometimes one or both would get squeezed out of their cell like toothpaste. I just wish I had a second IFAK insert for my second IFAK pouch.

The only downside is that right now the inserts are only available as a set and not as individual pieces.

Overall, I'm starting to think I could have gone with a medium, but the large isn't sliding off or anything. One con I've discovered is that the way I wear the Clutch blocks easy access to my pants pockets because of the width of the whole thing. Not a huge issue since I usually end up moving some things out of those pockets anyway.


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After my last range day I'll have to retract my praise for the elastic pistol insert. Since it's just an elastic strap holding the mag, gravity will take the mag all the way down to the bottom of the pocket making it a little harder to get a hold of the magazine for a reload. It's not awful, but I'm reloading from closed-front concealment so I'm already behind the power curve. The cheap BladeTech/Uncle Mikes/whoever double pistol plastic mag pouch, with the paddle replaced by velcro, may actually be the best option here.



I havent run into the problem you are describing, but you could put the mags into the depth you preferred and then sew a line across both cells to prevent them from going deeper than planned.
So I’ve had this for quite some time now and really love it for the times it’s applicable. I’ve been running uncle mikes mag pouches and holsters for the inserts mostly because a I had several laying around in the box of holsters. I want to carry my Roland at times and the suppressor height sights don’t work in the uncle mikes sight channel. What recommendations do you guys have. Experienced Clutch users preferred.