Springer Precision RMR adapter plate with rear iron sight dovetail


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For those of you who are looking for a way to mount a RMR while retaining a rear iron sight, Springer recently introduced this adapter plate which includes an integrated dovetail to install a rear BUIS. It’s compatible with the DPP footprint pistols, which currently includes the M17, X-Compact, and X-Five Legion. Sig is in the process of transitioning at least the rest of the X-Series guns to this footprint as well.

This is currently the easiest method for running a RMR without sacrificing your rear BUIS, at least to my knowledge


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Bobro is releasing one with the sight milled in rather than dovetailed. Price wise it is a wash. I’m actually waiting for the bobro to come out for my legion.

Additionally, bobro covers the LCI do help prevent carbon buildup on the lens.

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Mine is in the way as well. I wasn’t sure which Dawson sight to order. They recommended shooting it with the factory front sight and giving them the data to determine which front sight height I need. There are about three in the “suppressor height” fronts that may work. I was tempted to just order the 0.440” or whatever is “standard”. Out of the box the Sig shot 4” low at 15.

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to go with the bobro mount I ordered:
Dawson Precision Sig P Series Black Front Sights
(Choose Sight Height & Width Below: .375" Tall x .125" Wide Ramped Serrated)

After talking to a few people and referencing other supressor height sights, I will let you know if its on or not at 10-15 yards with a few rounds when it comes in and maybe do some B8s at 25 later on. I will probably start a thread about it when it comes in
got my bobro mount and dawson sight in but tomorrow I have to leave town until saturdau night, ill get it put together and get a post up about it
Is anyone using this setup? I have an M17 and I’m trying to decide which iron sights to use. The sight in Springer’s photo looks nice and low the way I like it.