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Discussion in 'Suppressors' started by Grayman, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Grayman

    Grayman Regular Member

    Anyone running one of their new cans yet??? Very interested in how they stack up against the known performers
  2. Working on this.
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  3. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    I wanted to see them in person but they weren't at Warrior East this year (the cans, Sig was)

    Local shop has a lot of Sig stuff but they can't seem to get a hold of their cans.
  4. IkeInTexas

    IkeInTexas Regular Member Vendor

    Any updates on these cans? I have absolutely zero experience with Sig cans and haven't had a reason to experiment with them. Not when Surefire, Griffin, Dead Air, SiCo etc are putting out such great options.

    I have customers asking about them but I've never used one (or even seen one in person) and I'm having trouble finding reputable sources that have.

  5. I ordered three of them through the SLED program, back in February. My LGS is stating that I may get them before July so that I can file the paperwork on them; but I'm not holding my breath. In Hindsight, just to try and get the suppressors before the change in trust law in July, I should of gone with a different manufacture for the suppressors.
  6. nate89

    nate89 Regular Member

    I asked the rep for our area about them, and even he wasn't able to get any yet for demo. I am also interested, and tried getting with him about having a couple on the range I work at, but I haven't heard back yet. I am not necessarily wanting to quickly buy one personally before 41p goes into effect, but I would like to see them released soon.
  7. Andrew Y.

    Andrew Y. Regular Member

    My class 3 dealer in IA has a .45 and 7.62 one, and the range I happened to stop in at in College Station TX had a 7.62 QD on the shelf. So they are out there, no clue who decided who gets one
  8. I have a 7.62 Titanium QD can that I use on an 18" barrel POF .308. The quality is excellent, repeatability is outstanding and sound suppression is probably the best I have experienced. I do not have any way to measure the decible levels but compared to other cans i have used on this weapon, I believe that it is the quietest. but that is just an opinion.
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  9. 16 months later, how do you like them?
  10. Andrew Y.

    Andrew Y. Regular Member

    My dad as a 556-tiqd. Sound and weight are nice, the lock up is nice on the mount however it's a pain to remove.

    This is my first time with a suppressor in any serious capacity.
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  11. The only one I've put any amount of real ammo through has been my 556 QD, its preformed well. I'm happy with the can, however part of my wish is that I had gone with a smaller can then what I have. But that's my only complaint. Getting it on and off is kind of a pain, but it is something a few times after you do it that isn't that difficult.
    Right now my only real complaint is that when you order the .45 suppressor, you have to buy the adaptor to shoot 9mm. Personally I think it should come with it, so I haven't suppressed any of my pistols yet but I will hopefully in the near future.
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  12. Thanks for the reply, and the info about the .45 adapter.

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