Leupold VX-R Patrol Good, Bad and Ugly.


Hello folks,

Looking for some input from folks who has used this LVPO and what was Good, Bad and the Ugly about this optic.

I’m not doing anything super precision out to 600-1000 yards. Just want a 1-4 LVPO that can be handy below 3-600 yards.

Thank you for any input!


I too am curious. From what I've gathered it is
1) somewhat outdated,
2)"not true 1x low end" ( I think people get too caught up in the number),
3)the side illumination push button,
4)and exposed turrets.

None of those really bother me except the push button illumination. I like that's it's really light. But I haven't found too many reviews to go for it. It's actually on my short list for my "do all " rifle.