1. GarrisonConceptsEli

    Washington CJTC Designated Marksman Course AAR

    CJTC Designated Marksman course AAR Class: Washington CJTC Designated Marksman Dates: May 17-18, 2021 Location: Okanogan County Sheriffs Office Range facility Instructors: Doug Tangen and Jeff Hall Recently I was afforded the opportunity to attend the aforementioned class here in...
  2. PHaxelrod

    March 2021 Weekend in the Arena Match

    March 2021 Weekend In the Arena Long Range Gas Gun Match Quantified Performance (QP) held their semi-annual Weekend in the Arena long range gas gun match on March 20-21 at Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA. This was the fifth match in the series and saw 108 shooters competing in three...
  3. TCinVA

    Justified Defensive Concepts - Variable Power Optic, Hedgesville WV, 3/20/21

    There are keys to understanding how to use a VPO equipped platform: a thorough understanding of your equipment, being able to stabilize for a shot, and a quality shot process. Our VPO class is heavy on coaching and technical information to help you know your equipment, find stability, and...
  4. Sentinel Defense LLC

    Sentinel Defense, Advanced Carbine, June 18, 2020. Chino, CA.

    The Advanced Carbine” is a comprehensive format centered on building a well rounded tactical rifle shooter and concentrates on the development of the “Combat Triad” (Mindset, Manipulations and Marksmanship). Together these components build the fighting platform with the modern rifle/carbine...
  5. Mobius118

    Leupold VX-R Patrol Good, Bad and Ugly.

    Hello folks, Looking for some input from folks who has used this LVPO and what was Good, Bad and the Ugly about this optic. I’m not doing anything super precision out to 600-1000 yards. Just want a 1-4 LVPO that can be handy below 3-600 yards. Thank you for any input!