LASR X vs Mantis Laser Academy

Dan Morse

With ammunition prices and availability, I've been doing a lot more dry fire lately. I have a SIRT pistol and LASR Classic, but I am looking for a more portable option and the possibility of using a real pistol in dry fire.

It looks like LASR X runs $120 plus the $40 laser snap cap. Mantis Laser Academy is "free" plus the $40 laser snap cap and a $99 add on for additional drills.

LASR X allows the user to make targets out of anything, but it looks like Mantis Laser Academy uses proprietary targets (unverified)

I am not as worried about the cost as the features and usability. Does anyone have experience with either? Pros/Cons

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I have the Mantis laser academy and they do have targets that are set up for automatic scoring. You can use anything you want for a target and then assign the scoring zones. This is done in the app live as your camera is looking at the target.

The system works pretty well but you need a decent camera and good lighting. I have the last gen iPad Pro and an iPhone 11 and the iPads camera is not good enough even with supplemental lights set up. The phone works fine. If there is too much light the app will pickup shots that didn’t happen. Sunlight reflecting of the face of my watch causes shots to be registered. Shaking the camera will also cause shots to register. This is an issue when you using the app to start/stop/clear a drill (finger touching the screen) and if your tripod is not very stable and your walking around the tripod.

I bought the package that came with full-size tripod, table top tripod, laser cartridge, wooden dowel to push cart out of chamber, 8x11 and 5x7 targets, and blue sticky stuff to stick the targets to the wall (the same stuff you had in school back in the day)

For my use case I thinks it’s great. I typicality run dot torture and draw to first shot. The app is functional but not amazing and I don’t use 90% of the drills yet. You can buy the pink rhino laser cart on Amazon , print the targets from the Mantis site, and use the app for free I think. That’s an inexpensive option the use the kit and see if you like it.


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