Favorite Whiskey

Jon Meyer

Some new Rye's I have tried

Hard Truth Indiana Rye
Hotel Tango Rye Ready-To-Drink

The Hard Truth is okay. I quite enjoyed the Hotel Tango.
Cheap: Bulliet Bourbon (hard to beat at this price point)
Less Cheap: Suntory Toki (this whiskey feels light, and I meant that in a good way)
Mid-Range: Redbreast 12 Yr. (this is my go-to. Lots of flavor for ~$50. I think it's the only single pot Irish whiskey available but could be wrong.)
Higher End: Nikka From the Barrel (back in production it seems. Higher alcohol content than most, but really fantastic)
Even Higher End: Johnny Walker Blue (really smooth, worth the price IMO)
Scotch: Lagavulin 16 (really hard to beat at any price IMO)
Flavored: Knob Creek Smoked Maple (I prefer this on ice. Really delicious)


been on a scotch kick lately, Balvenie rum or sherry cask and lagavulin 16 have been at the top of the list as of recently. Been enjoying Glenlivet caribbean reserve too
Tried the Lagavulin 11 year Nick Offerman edition yet? Finished in Guinness casks. Nummy.
Tried the Lagavulin 11 year Nick Offerman edition yet? Finished in Guinness casks. Nummy.


You bet! Not quite god tier imo as the 16 year but delicious nonetheless!

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I’m a scotch guy. What I drink depends on the circumstances. If I’m drinking it with food, especially steak, I like Dalwhinnie 15. If I am celebrating with friends or family, I like Lagavulin 16 or Shieldaig 25. If I’m drinking alone, because life sucks and I want to forget my troubles, I drink Dalmore 18. But to be honest, I don’t drink scotch that often. I can drink a glass or two of bourbon or rye and call it a night. With scotch, generally, I pop the cork, then it’s suddenly 2 PM the next day, I feel like I was hit by a truck, and 80% of the $100-300 bottle is gone. I don’t know why this is. I love bourbon and rye (even Canadian whiskey, but don’t tell anyone). But scotch is my kryptonite. In completely unrelated news, I got my ancestry DNA and I’m 60% Scottish (explains my giant head and bent torward prose I guess). But I started my love affair of scotch long before I found out I was Scottish. Correlation does not imply causation.


Howdy all!

I find myself coming back to Basil Hayden time and time again, I guess it is my favorite.
Guys have you ever tried any American single malts? Stranahans out of Denver, Sugar House makes one too out of Salt lake city, get some unique flavors you only find in scotches typically with a lot of the distillery's own spin since they have a lot of freedom in aging.


I'm apparently a psychopath so I prefer blended's, but my three go-to's are:
Red Breast 12 y
Johnny Walker Blue
Suntory Yamazaki 18 y


So, my go-to is Evan Williams 1783, with Buffalo Trace for especially good days and knob creek for really bad ones.

Elmer T. Lee or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof for GREAT days.


Hey guys! Have you ever come across Mizunara Oak chips? I've been hearing some buzz about that lately. I also saw that it is now available in the USA on MizunaraCraft. com, and I'm curious if anyone here has tried incorporating them into their aging process. I'm all ears for any firsthand experiences or insights you might have!