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External Armor carrier options

Discussion in 'Armor' started by Fatboy, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established


    Ever have anyone grab that pull ring in a fight an unzip your carrier? Out of curiosity, what would happen if they did?

    And as an update for everyone, we recently stumbled into to outer carriers from Paraclete that were federal overruns. Multiple sizing options available, Molle based, extra pouches with a cummerbund and Velcro patches. Only issue is no pocket for plates. But it makes a good option for range stuff as well as quick grab and go times.

    Best part of that vest is that they were free, so most of us that have them are making them work until better options come along that gets approved for daily patrol use.
  2. SQUID

    SQUID Newbie


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  3. Arete

    Arete Member

    I run a keyfob on mine, never a problem for the past 2 yrs wearing the EVC, nor during all the years I wore a jumpsuit.
  4. Txsapper

    Txsapper Newbie

    Most of our Officers have some sort of pull tab on the zipper to make it easier to put on/take off. I've never had any issues and can't think of anyone else who has either.

    Squid - thanks for the review. I'll stick with the tried and true. You mentioned the Bothell Carrier. Is it that much different than the Oregon City Carrier?
  5. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Bothell doesn't have molle on the upper half like the Oregon City
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  6. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    Cool. I only ask because at various times I've had guys grab my hand Mic, my mags (he got one out and threw it), and taser (tried to get it out but couldn't figure out the retention) so it stood out as a place to reach for when fighting or rolling around with Johnny Dirtbag.
  7. SQUID

    SQUID Newbie

    Sure, it absolutely could be used as a 'pull point', along with everything else on the vest. I like it as a way under stress to unzip my vest and get to a backup weapon (internal pouch) or address a wound if need be.

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  8. Boy Scout

    Boy Scout Member


    OMG - I may have just squirted a little. THAT is the carrier I've been looking for or trying to have built for TWO years. Now to just be able to afford one!
  9. SQUID

    SQUID Newbie

    They are not as expensive as most, but very durable and versatile. It's also very nice on hot days like this to be able to take it off at the station while doing paperwork.

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  10. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Good. Johnny occupying your shit with his hands is a gift...because that hand isn't doing other things like blocking your hand from occupying his shit ;)
  11. Fatboy

    Fatboy Established

    Agreed. I just wish they'd leave the Mic alone. Although I have used one as an impact weapon before after it was pulled loose, so there is that...

    I was told the radio transmissions were garbled but funny. (Something like static....fucking...ground....static...hands....static.....stop.....static....):D
  12. Kamp

    Kamp Newbie

    The Bothell is my new favorite. I still have the original LAPD which turned into the Oregon City and is now the Bothell Carrier.

    Although being in plain clothes and needing a quick don rig in the car for hot calls, i am going to have to look at something different. The LAPD/Oregon City Bothell, type doesnt work real well when trying to don it hauling ass to calls.

    I will probably try to prototype something as what is put there is to bulky and for my need.

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  13. Longeye

    Longeye Established

    No need to reinvent the wheel. The First Spear Tubes system is the heat for quick don.

    The Mayflower LPAC is a legit low profile setup that is easy to get into among the conventional options. It is scalable with the Swift clips....

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  14. SQUID

    SQUID Newbie

    The update from my PD on this original thread is the officers are given the choice of either the Safariland Bothell or Oregon City Carrier to be used in multiple configurations (Over Jumpsuit, Over 2-Piece Uniform, etc.). Since I have been wearing the Bothell Carrier now for a few months, I've come to appreciate its durability, versatility, and comfort. The department is going with black versus the dark blue we are testing. I chose to go with the same Bothell Carrier in black as I did not want to lose the pen/knife pockets however if I should be selected for K9 in the future, I would more than likely go with the Oregon City Carrier for the additional molle platform. The additional molle would more than likely be needed for the patrol car door release remote and other pouches.

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