APC9 Setup

I just bought a B&T APC9 and put a SB brace on it. It's an awesome gun so far and I'm looking to set it up for home defense and then compete with it some in the PCC class. The competition side of things is very much a secondary consideration.

I think there are three main things I want to add to it:
- Red dot sight of some kind. I've looked at the EOTech XPS2, Trijicon MRO, and Aimpoint T2. Definitely leaning towards the first two because of cost. The MRO's longer battery life is definitely a plus but I think I prefer the reticle and larger window of the EOTech. Alternatively, I've been considering getting a Trijicon SRO for one of my handguns for a long time; could I get that and swap it between the APC9 and my handgun?
- Forward grip or handstop. My thumb comes very close to the barrel using my normal grip and I don't want to burn the crap out of myself. I can't put a vertical grip on it because it's a pistol, my usual go-to is the BCM foregrip but that's obviously out of the picture now.
- Light. The only light I have right now is a Surefire XH35 that sits on my defensive handgun. Would something like Surefire M600 be too big for my limited rail space?

I think after that I'll be in good shape. I'm not a huge fan of the backup iron sights that come standard with the gun but it's not a big deal to me.