night vision

  1. B

    Good Idea Fairy or Practical: 7.62 Day/Night Precision Rifle

    Team, This is my first post after some time lurking. If I've mis-read the introduction rules, please remove or switch this thread if it is out of place. For context: this is just a build I've had in mind intended to spark some honest discussion. I'm looking to learn as much as I can about...
  2. Josh

    Strategic Dark Solutions - Darkness 1 AAR

    Class: Darkness 1 - Night Vision Operator Fundamentals Company: Strategic Dark Solutions Date: 19 February 2022 Location: Southington Hunt Club, Garretsville, Ohio Course Description: (From the course welcome letter) “SDS Darkness 1 is an operator level course designed to train and certify...


    Hello everyone, I'm Kevin, co-owner of LumiMod (Luminous Modifications). Many of you may be familiar with us from the PS IG page. We make and sell glow markers that passively charge and provide immediate identification for gear in failing and low light conditions. My background is in military...
  4. C

    Would People Be Interested In Having A Bag That Is Protected From EMP For Their Electronic Gear?

    Hello, Currently I am representing a manufacturer of Faraday Bags that you can put your cell phone or laptop in for protection from electronic eavesdropping. We are thinking of putting out a line of gear that has the Electronic Lining to protect the scopes, night-vision devices, and anything...
  5. ChrisMiranda


    Equipment *Hodge 12.5 mod 1.5 with LA5 ,Eotech exps3-0 on larue 5/8 riser, surefire rc can, and surefire M600DF with tape switch *glock 19 with victory first rmr06 upper and surefire x300u/b *Anvis 9 green tubes opscore bump helmet *10 glock mags 3 with tarran +5 base plates *20 AR gen3 Pmags...
  6. Littlehendrick

    Greenline Tactical, Night Fighter, 1-3 MAR 19, California

    My Background: Army Infantry guy, very little NOD work outside of walking around in the woods, with limited shooting time. Other training: Pat Mac, Ken Hackathorn, KC Eusebio, and a few pistol classes from local folks a few years ago. Gear: Borrowed a Team Wendy bump shell, Green filmed...