Network Support IV
*Hodge 12.5 mod 1.5 with LA5 ,Eotech exps3-0 on larue 5/8 riser, surefire rc can, and surefire M600DF with tape switch
*glock 19 with victory first rmr06 upper and surefire x300u/b
*Anvis 9 green tubes opscore bump helmet
*10 glock mags 3 with tarran +5 base plates
*20 AR gen3 Pmags
*safari lands 6354DO on a mid ride
*haley d3crx (old one)

*Meadhall in Mcloud OK
out door range had 10 lanes going out to 200 with all kinds of steel an a moving target with different barricade options and heated and cooled bathrooms
run by Bill Armstrong

Prior Experience and classes
*no prior shooting classes only videos

The students
*Was 15 dudes 3 Swat guys and the rest were regular homies with different backgrounds

The Class overview
*was all bouts NODs the use how they work what makes them work how to get them to do what you want them to and shooting while under them

Started at 10am every one was on time Chuck started out the day with the safety brief/background then we went into clothing and proper use of layering/cold weather gear, then went into all things night vision the light spectrum manufacturing history how to read the tube sheet what the numbers mean all that jazz then zeroed day optics out to 200 while learning about proper zeroing and shot accountability till dark then laser zeroing free swim then a rail flex demo and then ended the night with a walk about under different lighting conditions and left at 1:30am

had a pistol clinic that was a bonus from 10 am till class starting at noon we then did barricade shooting and drill around that/learning about canting guns then a few drills at the 20 and worked rifle till night came and then ran the drills we did in the day under NODS was a heavy shooting day till class ended at 11pm

Take Away
I personally need more work

Final Thoughts
If you own Night Vision that you wear on your face this class is for you literal buckets of info I cant recommend this class enough it was worth every bit of money I spent on it and then some after looking at some other classes recently am still amazed at how inexpensive this class was Chuck was a great teacher always seeming to catch them teachable moments Bill the range owner and host was friendly an a good dude.