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Five on Friday – 6Oct2017

Photo Cred – Phlster Instagram Happy Five on Friday, everyone.  Given the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we tried to include a couple of medical-related links. From Battlefields to our Neighborhoods: A Path to Zero Preventable Deaths Did China Use Water as a Weapon in the Doklam Standoff? The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder… read more »

Five on Friday – 29Sept2017

Photo cred – OPTactical Instagram/Jake Wanson Happy Five on Friday, folks.  Technology didn’t want to cooperate last week, so we have a couple extra links to make up for it.  Hope you enjoy. Iranian Unconventional Warfare in Yemen Filling the Maritime-Law Enforcement Gap Understanding +P Ammunition How the US Can Counter Threats from DIY Weapons… read more »

What 15 Months of Sergeanting Taught Me About Leadership

When I was promoted to Police Sergeant, I was a 10-year cop who didn’t have a burning desire to get promoted.  I liked being a working cop. As a competitive person, I saw the promotion process as an opportunity to compete against others without thinking I would actually finish at the top of the list. … read more »

B.E. Meyers BOARS-M2

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new optics and accessory rail system called the BOARS-M2 (B.E. Meyers Optics & Accessories Rail System) for the M2, M2A1, M3 series .50 caliber heavy machine gun platforms. The BOARS – M2 mount is a low-profile mounting solution that offers a… read more »

Formatting cells in Excel for a Weapons Mastery Data Tracker

  For Training Tuesday, we are continuing our series on how to create range reports you can use to identify trends in your marksmanship program using Microsoft Excel. The benefit to this is, it can show trends over time for an organization. All it takes is learning how to manipulate Excel. Today, we will specifically… read more »

Five on Friday – 8Sept2017

Photo Cred – See Inside Massive Wildfires with These Stunning Pictures The West Might Hardly Believe it, But it Now Seems the Syrian War is Ending – and Assad is the Victor How Science Knows When Nations are Testing Nuclear Bombs — Even When They Are Lying Brain Drain: The Mere Presence… read more »

Buyer Beware: Selecting Your Everyday Carry Tourniquet

Authors: Andrew D. Fisher and Will G. With the increase in Active Violent Incidents (AVIs) over the last few years and the shared lessons learned (LL) from the U.S. and Canadian militaries’ experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, there has been an explosion of life-saving devices hitting the market. Nothing has become a larger issue than… read more »