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PHLster Flatpack Rundown

In 2015, PHLster was approached by some individual Philadelphia PD plain-clothes officers (independent of the department, seeking custom work) to develop a solution for the pocket carry of their department-issued SOFTT-Wide tourniquets. The criteria for the device was that it should add no substantial additional bulk to the profile of


Five on Friday – 21July2017

Photo cred - Centrifuge Training Instagram Defense Intelligence Agency's 2017 Report on Russia Military Power The City is the Battlefield of the Future DEA Warns of "Circle of Hell" in Mexico Some Beautiful WWII Color Images In Over Their Heads: U.S. Ground Forces Are Dangerously Unprepared


PHLster TuckStrut

As the proprietor and sole life form over at PHLster, I was asked to give a brief rundown on a piece of holster hardware I've developed and mass produced. As various mechanisms for increasing concealment and decreasing printing via rotating the grip of the pistol into the body have gained


Five on Friday – 14July2017

[caption id="attachment_5088" align="alignnone" width="367"]1 Photo Credit -[/caption] Happy Friday, everybody.       New Dry Dock Photos Show Extent of Hidden USS Fitzgerald Damage Doctrine, and Why TRADOC is a Euphemism for Bad Training Patrick Van Horne (Author of Left of Bang) Discusses Situational Awareness Dramatic


Zeroing the Close Combat Optic (CCO), Part 1:

We are continuing our discussion on the M68 Close Combat Optic, or CCO. The reference for this is TM 9-1240-413-13P dated May 2013, and TC 3-22.9, Change 1 dated January 2017 To recap our discussion from last week, the close combat optic (CCO), M68 is a non-telescopic (unmagnified) reflex sight


Five on Friday – 7July2017

[caption id="attachment_5059" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo - P&S Instagram @PrimaryandSecondary[/caption] Apologies for the lack of FoF the last two weeks.  I was either out of town or I had no internet/no power. *************** Why It’s No Longer Possible for Any Country to Win a War *************** How to Deal with


External Ballistics Part II

  For Walkthrough Wednesday, we are continuing our discussion on External Ballistics. Understanding External Ballistics will allow us to engage targets better at varying distances by knowing where it is in relation to our line of sight or more commonly, our point of aim. When dealing with external ballistics there


How to use Excel for Training Management

For Training Tuesday, we are continuing our discussion from previous weeks. How do we capture information from large groups of people? What is the most effective way to show this information in a way that we can make sense of and identify trends? For the sake of this discussion, the


Pistol Draw and Presentation

    We are continuing our discussion about the shot process. Specifically, we will be addressing the shot process as it applies to the pistol. As mentioned previously, there is a new Pistol Manual for the Army. It is TC 3-23.35 (Pistol), and it will be our reference for this


Fossil Friday: The ALT-C Qualification

For Friday, were going to discuss a new topic: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that are obsolete or fossilized. This week’s Fossil Friday topic is the 25 meter scaled target qualification, or ALT-C. References for this discussion are TC 3-22.9, change 1 dated January 2017, and the Draft Integrated Weapons Training