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Five on Friday … err Saturday, Several on Saturday – 19Aug2017

Photo Cred - DARC Instagram Happy FoF, everyone.  It's been an eventful week, so there's plenty of interesting reading material this week. Sage Dynamics/Aaron Cowan - Report on MRDS for Duty Handgun Use Multiple People Injured - Knife Attack in Finland Barcelona attack: 13 killed as van rams


Five on Friday – 11Aug2017

Photo Cred - Happy Five on Friday, everyone.  We missed last week due to some technical difficulties, but we're back this time around. The Kremlin’s Newest Hybrid Warfare Asset: Gangsters The Dynamics Of A Riot Bombs Over Pyongyang? The Window's Already Closed Deterring North Korea: The Next


Project Appleseed AAR

I stepped outside my comfort zone last weekend and attended an Appleseed event. For those not familiar with Project Appleseed, the organization’s website states: “Project Appleseed™ isn’t a gun club or a militia, nor is it a historical society. Instead, we are a non-partisan group of men and women (known


Addressing Concerns With the Sig Sauer P320

Reality and facts matter. Full disclosure: Grayguns has developed patent-pending fire control parts for the P320, to enhance these actions for competition and elite users while maintaining full mechanical safety values. Some of this work was done in cooperation with SIG SAUER, and much independently. I can state with assurance


Five on Friday – 28July2017

Photo Cred - DARC Instagram NASA Just Dropped A Ton Of Rare Footage Of Blackbirds Doing What They Do Best You Have Totally Earned This 4-Minute Video Of The Navy Blowing Stuff Up North Korea tests another ICBM, putting U.S. cities in range National Geographic - Among


PHLster Flatpack Rundown

In 2015, PHLster was approached by some individual Philadelphia PD plain-clothes officers (independent of the department, seeking custom work) to develop a solution for the pocket carry of their department-issued SOFTT-Wide tourniquets. The criteria for the device was that it should add no substantial additional bulk to the profile of


Five on Friday – 21July2017

Photo cred - Centrifuge Training Instagram Defense Intelligence Agency's 2017 Report on Russia Military Power The City is the Battlefield of the Future DEA Warns of "Circle of Hell" in Mexico Some Beautiful WWII Color Images In Over Their Heads: U.S. Ground Forces Are Dangerously Unprepared


PHLster TuckStrut

As the proprietor and sole life form over at PHLster, I was asked to give a brief rundown on a piece of holster hardware I've developed and mass produced. As various mechanisms for increasing concealment and decreasing printing via rotating the grip of the pistol into the body have gained


Five on Friday – 14July2017

[caption id="attachment_5088" align="alignnone" width="367"]1 Photo Credit -[/caption] Happy Friday, everybody.       New Dry Dock Photos Show Extent of Hidden USS Fitzgerald Damage Doctrine, and Why TRADOC is a Euphemism for Bad Training Patrick Van Horne (Author of Left of Bang) Discusses Situational Awareness Dramatic


Zeroing the Close Combat Optic (CCO), Part 1:

We are continuing our discussion on the M68 Close Combat Optic, or CCO. The reference for this is TM 9-1240-413-13P dated May 2013, and TC 3-22.9, Change 1 dated January 2017 To recap our discussion from last week, the close combat optic (CCO), M68 is a non-telescopic (unmagnified) reflex sight