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P&S 159 – Degrees of Concealment

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses aspects of concealment. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Varg Freeborn Mike Green Jon Hauptman Matt Jacques Les Kismartoni Adam Pini Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S 158 – Bug In, Bug Out, Bug Home

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses bug in, bug out, and bug home and concepts to consider. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Mikey G. Mike Green Mike H. Scott Jedlinski Dave Laubert Duane Liptak Chris Sizelove Noah Tramposh Tarrol Peterson Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S ModCast 157: Open Mic July 2018

Primary & Secondary PodCast It was our monthly live open mic podcast (the live video was only accessible to Patreon subscribers). Fielded topics from the live audience – did not cover Chicken Pot Pies sufficiently. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jordan Bowles Mike Green Alex Hartmann Ash Hess Rick Labistre Adam Pini David Simerly Episode sponsor:… read more »

P&S ModCast 156 – Transitioning From Service

Primary & Secondary PodCast Discuss life after service, AKA retirement. Positives and negatives of leaving long life in military and law enforcement service, as well as how to prepare for life afterwards. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Bill Blowers Justin Christensen Mike Green Ash Hess Mike Lewis Chuck Pressburg Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S 155 – Incorporating EDC Into Competition

Primary & Secondary PodCast To continue our discussion (from P&S 154) on refining our abilities through competition and refining our competition through our practice we will discuss incorporating aspects of EDC into competition. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jon Dufresne Chuck Haggard Scott Jedlinski Les Kismartoni Gabe White Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

Tim Herron Class AAR

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a two day pistol class with Tim Herron. Especially since Tim is a newer instructor, I wanted to take the opportunity to write up an AAR for others looking to train with Tim. Location: Lee-Kay Center in Salt Lake City Class Make-up. We had a total of… read more »

P&S 154 – The Road To Grand Master

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses aspects of reaching Grand Master rank in shooting competitions. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Alma Cole Tim Herron Scott Jedlinski Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S Modcast 153 – Precision Basics

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses basic concepts of precision shooting. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: John Brady Alex Hartman Rick Labistre Matt Meckley Tarrol Walker Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

Review: Liberty Hill Tactical, LLC LHT4 Carbine

I received a Liberty Hill Tactical (LHT) LHTM4 carbine from Russell Allen a year ago for an extended test and evaluation. I wanted to get this review done and out there sooner than I have, and for that I have apologized to Russell. Moving a bit slower has allowed me to run it in almost… read more »

P&S 152 – Pistol Caliber Carbines

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses the dreaded pistol caliber carbine. In/Outs, good/bad, various models, everything in between. Host: Lee Gullett Panel: Tim Chandler Ash Hess Matt Landfair Sean Manix David Simerly Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –


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