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Inforce WMLxIR review

I recently purchased a WMLxIR for use on a training/duty rifle. The rifle is used primarily for low light and night vision training. Having learned the hard way how difficult it is to operate under NVGS without proper IR illumination I was very excited to see a recently released and updated WMLxIR with better white light output. During a previous Night Vision course I had the opportunity to try a different generation of the WML IR and was impressed with the IR illumination especially for use in close quarters. The light seemed like it was the perfect balance of white light output and IR illum… There were, however, several glaring issues that made themselves crystal clear with actual implementation: First and perhaps the biggest issue is with the switch. Although the entire back of the light is theoretically the switch the reality is that to effectively activate the light you have to hit an impossibly small and off center part of the pad. The actual switch is a tactilely imperceptible nub under the rubberized pad that felt like it needed to be pushed in at exactly the right angle or it wouldn’t function. I moved the light no less than


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