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The Art of Tactics

The art of tactics consists of three interrelated aspects: the creative and flexible array of means to accomplish assigned missions, decision-making under conditions of uncertainty when faced with a thinking and adaptive enemy, and understanding the effects of combat on Soldiers. -ADRP 3-90   ADRP 3-90 Tactics are the most misunderstood, untrained and most dangerous part of the profession of arms. We see, particularly in our industry, the over use of the term tactical(as relating to tactics) but rarely are people discussing tactics in a real world context. I agree that tactics are not an open source discussion but even in the back alleys and vetted portions of the internet and closed door discussions it is rarely brought up. In the rare instance that is brought up, the wheels fall off quickly. There are simply not enough people proficient enough to talk them. This is true across military and law enforcement as well as the well-meaning citizen.  We do have several avenues to get training in tactics available but those classes always create chaos in the rank and file. The reason for that is not being able to maintain a high level of trained personnel and


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