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US Army TC 3-22.9 Rifle and Carbine – Stability

Greetings all. Since this is my first blog for Primary & Secondary, let me take a second to let you know that if you are reading this you are in the right place. Primary & Secondary is one of those rare places that have real information in real time by real people. The Admins and rules keep it that way despite daily attempts to impart law of the jungle type misinformation, unvetted sources and well, shenanigans. My hat goes off to those who have to herd cats and keep it one track. That being said, let me get on with it. If you have been following my recent posts you may have read a couple of blogs on using the concerning US Army TC 3-22.9 Rifle and Carbine that was published in May of this year and superseded FM 3-22.9. I was lucky enough to be the senior writer for that effort which included people from most every Division, editors, graphics crews, and was read at some level by every major unit in the Army. I say this to reiterate the above about P&S and to give you all a hint at the scope of the work. By writing these blogs we


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