Articles with a focus on Military.

I’ve Read Every Army Weapons Manual, now what?

For Tactics, Techniques, and procedures Thursday, we are going to be discussing how we reference outside resources to make weapons mastery training for our Paratroopers more efficient. As leaders, we should never stop learning. Commanders at various levels have come up with reading lists of publications they feel will make their subordinate leaders more efficient… read more »

Will Resting My Magazine on the Ground Induce a Malfunction?

For Fossil Friday, we are going to be dispelling a myth about the prone unsupported: that resting your magazine on the ground induces malfunctions. The reference for this discussion is TC 3-22.9, Change 2, dated August 2017. Resting the magazine on the ground is in accordance with the functional element of Stability. Doing this gets… read more »


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