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Terror, Violence, and The Modern Police Officer

The war on terror sparked on September 11th, 2001. When the U.S. was attacked on its own soil it opened eyes of police forces to upgrade equipment prior to becoming a liability to save lives of citizens and LE in an armed conflict.  The public expects law enforcement to intercede in armed conflicts and stop the threat. Typically, police are not the most popular of the public servants – except when needed to stop a violent threat.  Similarly to the military during peacetime, the public does not seem to think police departments need such equipment until a crisis occurs.  After the crisis is handled, the public quickly forgets the needs of the police.  Police are a part of government that is often criticized.  Civilian speculation plays a major part of criticism of the police.  An objective analysis of a police department is necessary to determine its needs. However, trusting the same public that does not have an understanding of use of force and realistic measures to neutralize a threat to determine the needs of a police department is a dangerous precedent.   Public expectation (that lack of understanding again) versus realistic results needs to be considered during an analysis. The terror


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